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Sunday, August 21, 2011

What's up with the Sobriquet?

So I had a great question about my blog title or why it is know as the T.Dot.O.
My understanding is T.Dot.O is the short term or slang version of Toronto, Ontario.
I always loved it because where I'm from (my hometown) is the name of another big famous city so I always said I'm from X, Ontario.
This has always carried over for me my entire life.
For example when I lived in Dallas ...I told people I lived in Dallas, Texas.
(As IF there is any other Dallas besides that in Texas!)
Huge shout out to all my friends in Texas :)
Gosh I miss them all so much...cue the song Come Back to Texas...sigh.

Anywho there I go tangent-ing again.
SoI'm a big fan of full names or nicknames that reference the full name ;) 
So I wanted to double check where specifically the T.Dot.O comes from.
So I did what anyone else would do and consulted the absolute truth via the internet (Wikipedia haha).

  • TO or T.O. – from Toronto, Ontario, or from Toronto; pronounced "Tee-Oh". Sometimes used as T-dot, T-dot-O, or T-dot O-dot.

  • So I was correct there (thank you internet).
    I also would like to say that due to my messed up accent.
    I don't say anything correctly.
    My friends say I say "Toronto" like an American.
    Glad they glossed over the fact that I still say y'all because I like it.

    Locals (aka my Waterloo Girls) say Toronto like TRAW-nÉ™. (sounds to me like Ta-ra-nah said fast). 
    A pronunciation of toh-RON-toh in casual speech is usually seen as a sign that the speaker is not a native of the city.
    It drives me nuts because the local way to me sounds like they are not enuciating.
    I think I say it the correct way...even if everyone thinks I'm American based on my accent here.

    Further research (via Wikipedia...side note: can students reference Wikipedia academically?...I would think not but anywho) indicates that Toronto has a bajillion nicknames.

    In his book Naming Canada: Stories about Canadian Place Names, Alan Rayburn states that "no place in Canada has as many sobriquets as Toronto."[9] Among them are the nicknames:
    So there you have it. 
    And really if I called the blog Teagan in Hogcity or Teagan in the City of Churches???
    Doesn't exactly have the same ring to it don't ya think??? 
    Though Teagan in Hollywood North could be a contender haha.

    With that I will leave you with a T.Dot.O Hip Hop artist that did a love song to Toronto essentially.
    Sort of when the trend of when the trend of songs like Empire State of Mind etc came out.

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