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Monday, August 1, 2011

Sophie's Baby Shower

Last Sunday Val, Eva, Quinn and I piled into my car to head up to Kingston.
We had a surprise baby shower for Sophie (who thought it was for Quinn).
We headed up in the awesome weather.

It was in Jane and her husbands new place.
Look at all the darling party decor Jane and Brooke set up.


It wouldn't be our kind of party without this awesome spread.
Perfectly summery.

I made the guac...with a new special ingredient green apple.
It added great crunch and flavour!
All the girls went crazy for it.
How fun and simple is that?! ...avocados, half a diced purple onion, half a diced green apple, a jalapeno, lime juice and salt and pepper. 
Whenever I do something cool like find a recipe for an unexpected addition I want to tell Eva and Taylor because they are my kitchen experts.
I guess I will have to wait until Taylor's next visit to Canada to have her try it out :)

Oh yes and something for a cocktail or two (non alcoholic options of course for the preggos in the group).
I picked up this bottle strickly based on colour (pink) and the fact that there was multiple fleur-de-lis on the bottle (which I'm sort of obsessed with haha).

Baby stuff is just so darn cute!
Time for presents.
How great is it to have a cute little enthusiastic helper.
Brooke's daughter now comes to virtually all the day time girl stuff.
She is a blast!
And if you are wondering YES that is a pink streak in her hair (permanent) seriously she is the coolest kiddo I know.

This is a real maple leaf that was painted and hardened (kind of like bronzed but not bronzed).
How Canadian is that?!

How cute is this?
Sophie and Quinn's bumps...we all joked that the babies were already high fiving (which is something we've been know to do haha).
The babies are either going to best friends or get married...we already decided.

Then it was time for Sophie's belated birthday cake.
Summer sherbert goodness.

We were so incredibly stuffed at this point we needed a walk.
Kind of perfect that Jane's place is on the lake.
So off for a walk we went.

There is something special when the seven of us are all together.

The laughs the hugs and the happiness= the girls.
This is home.

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