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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Family Sunday

I am going to pretend I didn't spend all of Saturday sulking about not having a car and missing my fun dinner and a movie (still have not seen Harry Potter :( and sleepover at Quinn's place.
I am also going to pretend that I didn't then choose to mull over why I'm single and MM's rejection and the prospect of being alone forever.
And I'm also going to pretend that I didn't spend the rest of Saturday emailing back and forth with Jacob.

So I woke up today...and prepared to hang out with the parents.
They were coming here to exchange the cars (my dad has a mechanic in my hometown which is way better then trying to figure that out here).
Which is very nice of them and see how much better things are when I don't live in the same town...well almost.
So they came over and gushed over Eva's beautiful home.
With only a jab or two at my lack of anything comparible to her I don't recognize that every second I spend here.

So then we headed out to some suppliers for my mum's business which is super close to Eva's place.
And their half hour appointment lasted two and a half hours.
Thank goodness for my iPhone.
Then we headed to the cute little downtown town area by Eva's place.
Definitely has a small town feel to it (which is sort of not my cup of tea but my parents like it).

We had lunch in this little bistro.
I would have to say it was okay not too great actually.
I had this.

And this (gotta love leftovers for the week because this was a TON of pasta).

My dad had this.

Was it subconscious I didn't take a photo of my mum's I also didn't want to arouse too much suspicion plus her dish looked pretty much like my dad's.
It poured the whole day so I am procrastinating my next run until tomorrow.

Then we stopped by a farmer's market...look at all the stuff I got for $5!

I will definitely stop by there again in the future.
So that was my Sunday.
Well except for an email from Jacob...that just said "I miss this" and he attached a photo of us kissing...seriously.
Sigh...I'm trying not to think about it or feel incredibly guilty about it.

Eva and Jane and their husbands cannot get back here soon enough!
So that was my weekend.
At least it is another one down...and hopefully one step closer to feeling like I belong here.


  1. You're going to feel like you belong there soon enough. I am sure of it. It takes some time to start feeling at home, you're not in your own space yet. Give it a little time.

    Don't you just love your iPhone? I haven't had mine all that long and I'm certain that I couldn't live without it.

  2. @A- I apparently am not very patient. I do need to give it time ...I did promise the girls a year here at least.

    I am seriously obsessed with my iPhone...I wish I had switched over sooner it is just so much fun and helps curb boredom when waiting for things (like subway etc). which is nice.