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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Like pushing on a bruise to see if it still hurts...yup it does

Today I got an email with this Subject Line
Subject: Confirmation for your September 17th Wedding!!!
And I felt the now less familiar knot in my stomach.
As I opened the email my hands were shaking...

Hi Teagan,

My name is Lindsay and I have since taken over for Candice since she is away on maternity leave.  Your wedding is fast approaching us and I would like to confirm a few details with you.

Based on my information here, I see you are hosting the cigars ($15.00 each) and would like the roller to start at 5:30pm.  Correct?

I also need you to confirm
1. Number of Guests
2. You current billing address
3.  Is it still the same location as initially discussed?

Also, the credit card used for the deposit is no longer here can you please provide with one for your remaining balance?


I responded to let her know that there is no longer a wedding.
I has cancelled with Candice in December
(which is why there is no longer a credit card on file).
And I was actually surprized at how much it bothered me.
I think it was because I was so caught off guard.

Maybe because this was one of the surprizes I had booked for Spencer.
Him and all the guys in his family love cigars.
What better then cigars all night and someone rolling them by hand?!
Well if the hypothetical wedding was still on that is.
It's not.

And it still hurts.
I wish that date didn't practically leap off the calendar at me.
It still does.

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