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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chapter X-7: Communication...well you COULD sort of consider it that...though it is piss poor and not closure driven whatsoever!

December 7th ,2010

Though I feel at the depths of despair when I think about it I guess I will write it and document it with the hopes that one day I will come to terms with it because I don't think I will ever understand it.

So on that fun note (FYI I wish there was a sarcasm font)...
I was waiting to talk to PH after his Thursday meeting with the lawyer and then... nothing.
So I tried to call once a day after that. 
Also sending text messages once a day saying "could you please update me soon thanks".
At this point I can't really respect his ignoring me ...and really he already can't think that much of me so twice a day trying to contact is reasonable.
I tried to call again this morning and he didn't answer but did send me this text

"I will update soon, I am well aware for the things that need to be done.  I am sorry for not translating anything back to you.  I will soon.  Sorry again"

to which I replied "sorry but some things have come up.  I need my laptop, 3 specific textbooks and my patient notes (in large clear plastic envelopes) for January 2nd.  It is absolutely crucial for my career that I receive them as I have a review with a specialty board and it can't wait and will have virtually no time to prepare.  If there is anyway you could ship that asap it is very important please."
because i need it for that test i'm writing  he replied "okay i will get on it."
to which i reply "great i really cannot stress how important it is.  I'm trying to keep my parents from going there to get it themsleves.  please let me know as soon as possible a shipping/tracking #.  i feel like this is getting dragged out so if we could finish up all loose ends asap I would be more than happy to not have to contact you"
and this evening he texted me for my address which I provided.

I am at a loss...I think i will NEVER get closure...never mind things like splitting costs of deposits for the wedding etc.
He doesn't want to talk to me at all.
Nevermind even talking to him face to face I guess I don't deserve that
I'm just trying to move on somehow...and I have an awful feeling that I'm going to get absolutely screwed in terms of other issues.
I really think he doesn't care at all.
Just trying to pick up the pieces but wanted to let you know that really I will get no closure or anything like that and I'm FLOORED.
This is such a shock.  I really just don't understand at all.
How he can go from the things he did to THIS.
I feel like an idiot.

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