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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Update on the Burberry Trench (the ticker at the top!)

So I started this savings for a Burberry trench which for a long time has been a dream item of mine.
Now it may seem frivolous and silly...when there are also other things I could shop for and really for function purposes I do have coats.
I think it is more than just that because I'm sure I'm going to wrestle with myself a zillion times before I get the money AND before I actually get myself to purchase it.
I think the reason that this is sort of a focus and goal is because I generally do things for the significant other in my life.  I usually get them things that I have never even had myself.
Admittedly whether right or wrong one of the ways I show affection is through material things.  (I also am a huge touchy feely person (not in a gross PDA way but at home kind of way)). 
I think for me this will be a big ticket item that when I look at and when I wear it I will know I did this for myself and I can do lots of things and I am worth that level of gift...and I can give it to myself.
Perhaps this is all extreme rationalization for it but I'm doing it and at least it is something for me to focus on!
So without further ado a little more got added to the pot this weekend.

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