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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Planners and Planning

So I need to get rid of my old planner.
It has a countdown to "the big day" that no longer exists.
Well it will no longer exist when I cancel everything.
THAT is going to be painful.
So in the meantime I need a new planner because I can't possibly white out all those countdown days.
So a new planner is needed.

I LOVE this one.

It is so cute and perfect and pink!  But by the time and buy and ship it it will be $50+ and my new budget savy self tells me to not buy it.  Put the $50 towards Paris maybe ;)  Because I could get a planner at Staples with no cost to me if I use my work account.  And likely there will be one I will like...but why oh why do I find nicer things.  I guess it is okay to "settle" when it comes to planners though.

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