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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Because I'm too pissed I will talk about other useless meaningless things

It has not stopped snowing yet.
So I have this wonderful cute small little teeny tiny dog that has been through everything with me.
And he also hates the cold ...he hates it so much he just looks up at me being like "are you kidding lady?"
So I thought maybe the kind thing to do would be to "litter box" train him so he wouldn't have to go outside.
And seeing as it has been the worst snow fall since 1977 here it was good timing.

So I had NO idea they made specific litter and pans for dogs.  I guess it is pretty common with little dogs to do this.  So I go to Petsmart and due to the crappy weather there is no staff...So I look and look and can't find the litter for dogs.  But I did find something that looked like a patch of grass that I figured I could keep in the garage and train him on that becuase it is more I spent close to $60 on this thing...and my dog would NOT go near it I put him on and ran off it and into the snow ladden grass to I will be returning and maybe adding that to the Burberry Trench fund.

ORIGINALLY what I was looking for but couldn't find.

The actual litter looks different then cat litter (more chunky) and there that removable screen thing becuase it would be harder for little dogs to get into some cat litters...well my dog isn't a jumper so it would be harder.

So I got this instead...

AND he hated it.
So here is hoping PetSmart has a decent return policy :)

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  1. Oh no! Maybe you could keep trying? Dogs don't house break overnight, so they I'm sure they wont CHANGE their potty behavior overnight either. Or maybe you can just keep a nice square area of the grass shoveled and clear for him to use near the house. Poor thing!