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Monday, December 20, 2010

Positive Quickie

So quick break from my obsessive exboyfriend project and from b*tching/complaining about the most reason especially hit home because again I was reading one of my new fav blogs and her latest article here.  From reading it I came to realize a lot of times that the "why"'s just don't matter.  So where does that put my focus...seeing as I am focusing on the past.  Am I trying to figure out a "why"?  I don't think so I think i'm trying to figure out my mistakes figure out how to move on and figure out how to be happier.  I love and think it is true that the best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour (yet another reason why boys never deserve a second chance).  And that actions really matter a whole heck of lot more than words. 

So never fear I will be continuing on with my exboyfriend project...I am hoping chapters XX will start to have more of a positive spin and better direction for me.  I generally think I'm a good person with a whole lot of love for the right person.  I'm not going to lie there will probably be a sprinkle of profanity/negativity/complaints especially as things with Spencer get finalized.  However, in order to stay sane I need to have some positivity in my life and things that I look forward to. 

Right now those things I'm looking forward to are:
1. New Years Eve~ 9 best friends and a lakehouse...tons of awesome
2. Taylor's visit to Canada wahoo!
3. February visit to Winnigpeg to visit one of the girl.

I read somewhere that you need to have a gratuity journal or something like that.
Here goes a little attempt.
I am greatful for: my girls, my family (who are trying to help despite their not being able to help me the way I want them to-I realize this sounds horribly wrong), my sweet dog, having a job, thats all I got right now.  For the record I feel like this is kind of lame but may try it more than once we will see.

So here's a quote from my fav girl Lauren (who the blog inspiration came from) that I love... (ahhhh her wisdom is epic)
"Boys are like purses. You're always gonna have that one boy that you're always comfortable with and you know you'll always kind of like. That's your purse that you wear everywhere. Then you have that gorgeous bag that you want everyone to see you with but the gorgeous bag is usually an asshole or costs a lot of money. Then you have those other purses that you really like but you really don't want to be seen with. "
So on that note...heres to the purses that I really need to put away and to all the new possible purses out there who I will love and want to be seen with.


PS new chapter for the exboyfriend project ...tomorrow I think

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