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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chapter X-5: Communication ...finallly...well somewhat.

December 5th, 2010

So I woke up this morning and was frustrated because I am STILL waiting to hear what happened on Thursday with PH's meeting.  In a few short months went from multiple phone calls and emails a day from PH to having to wait days for a one line text.

Today at 12:30 I sent PH a text

Hey could you please update me soon.  Thnks.

Then I have been having tons of issues with my email...3 of the girls were wondering why I hadn't responded at all to their emails.  So of course then I think well maybe he sent me an email.  So I sent him one that said

My email isn't working properly just fyi.  I am exhausted so I really just want to move on so can we wrap this up as soon as possible.

He FINALLY sent THIS response

Ok, tomorrow morning I will be in the office and have time.  My schedule is clear tomorrow ...Lol sorry.

Though my blood was BOILING here was my response

I work 9-5.  It is better to talk in the evening for me.  I just would like to know how we are proceeding with things legally.  And just want you to ship my stuff as soon as possible.  It is very frustrating to go days without hearing from you wen I just want to figure things out to move forward.

Seriously he "lol'd" at the end of his email after not talking to him since Tuesday...seriously wtf?  I am so angry at this point.  He is making this not only painful but incredibly difficult for me in every way possible.  I feel like he is acting just like a child.  I am livid.  I feel like everything is happening and I have 0 control and I am being screwed in so many ways possible.  I do not know how I'm going to sort this whole mess out.

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