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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chapter X-26: confessions continued

[thenextnextday2:36:58 PM] Jacob: are u there
[thenextnextday2:55:26 PM] Me: you there?
[thenextnextday3:00:28 PM] Jacob: yep
[thenextnextday3:04:04 PM] Me: you asked if I was here ...just signed on
[thenextnextday3:04:06 PM] Me: whats up with you
[thenextnextday3:04:45 PM] Jacob: just wanted to say hi at work, just doing some research
[thenextnextday3:05:08 PM] Me: sounds like fun
[thenextnextday3:05:12 PM] Jacob: im tired i need a nap
[thenextnextday3:05:28 PM] Me: go for a quick walk outside and some water you will wake right up
[thenextnextday3:06:24 PM] Jacob: you should look into this seminar
[thenextnextday3:06:28 PM] Jacob: haha
[thenextnextday3:06:37 PM] Jacob: or talk to u :)
[thenextnextday3:06:45 PM] Me: nice I like youroption better
[thenextnextday3:07:06 PM] Me: that conference/seminar is PRICY!
[thenextnextday3:07:15 PM] Me: maybe you should loan me the material ;)
[thenextnextday3:07:25 PM] Jacob: yeah but it is the best thing I have done
[thenextnextday3:07:35 PM] Jacob: haha
[thenextnextday3:08:39 PM] Me: that sounds great you will have to let me know how it goes
[thenextnextday3:11:24 PM] Me: I forget how central your city is
[thenextnextday3:11:30 PM] Jacob: yep
[thenextnextday3:11:42 PM] Jacob: 10hrs from where up live now
[thenextnextday3:11:51 PM] Me: I know
[thenextnextday3:12:07 PM] Me: Driven it quite a few times...driving with you was wayyyyy better than on my own though
[thenextnextday3:12:31 PM] Jacob: yep
[thenextnextday3:12:55 PM] Me: kind of like that seminar we took gosh I can't remember but it felt like really far away from Dallas
[thenextnextday3:13:08 PM] Jacob: ?
[thenextnextday3:13:17 PM] Jacob: which one
[thenextnextday3:13:19 PM] Me: like a coast city somewhere
[thenextnextday3:13:23 PM] Me: darnnit I can't remember
[thenextnextday3:13:29 PM] Jacob: the portland one
[thenextnextday3:13:53 PM] Me: I remember thinking for up north it was actually really nice
[thenextnextday3:13:54 PM] Me: the city
[thenextnextday3:14:01 PM] Jacob: yep
[thenextnextday3:15:22 PM] Jacob: or syracuse a year in a half ago
[thenextnextday3:15:57 PM] Me: huh?
[thenextnextday3:16:14 PM] Jacob: when we met up before you went to Asia
I will blog about that for sure and it is true we met up once for 24 hours right before I left for Asia
[thenextnextday3:16:24 PM] Me: ohhhhh haha I was trying to figure out which conference we were in Syracuse for
[thenextnextday3:16:36 PM] Jacob: haha
[thenextnextday3:16:47 PM] Me: yea that was a great weekend...too short though
[thenextnextday3:17:34 PM] Jacob: it was short
[thenextnextday3:17:52 PM] Me: not great though? haha
[thenextnextday3:17:58 PM] Jacob: it was
[thenextnextday3:18:15 PM] Me: just teasing
[thenextnextday3:18:35 PM] Jacob: i have to go have clients coming in
[thenextnextday3:18:36 PM] Me: well i always liked weekends away with you...but is it super nerdy that I LOVED going to conferences together
[thenextnextday3:18:58 PM] Jacob: be back a little later
[thenextnextday3:19:43 PM] Me: k
[thenextnextday4:09:08 PM] Jacob: back
[thenextnextday4:09:44 PM] Me: hi you
[thenextnextday4:10:05 PM] Jacob: are u at work
[thenextnextday4:10:10 PM] Me: yes
[thenextnextday4:10:14 PM] Me: but so far ahead of things
[thenextnextday4:10:24 PM] Me: not a "hard" job you know
[thenextnextday4:10:24 PM] Me: so then I read and stuff
[thenextnextday4:12:06 PM] Jacob: gotcha
[thenextnextday4:12:46 PM] Me: kind of humbling actually
[thenextnextday4:13:03 PM] Me: but good because I wouldn't make near this amount in retail/personal training/etc
[thenextnextday4:13:26 PM] Me: and I can do what I want when I want
[thenextnextday4:14:18 PM] Jacob: cool
[thenextnextday4:14:27 PM] Jacob: sounds good
[thenextnextday4:15:14 PM] Jacob: yep

[thenextnextday4:21:35 PM] Jacob: brb
[thenextnextday4:22:28 PM] Me: k
[thenextnextday4:25:48 PM] Jacob: back
[thenextnextday4:25:53 PM] Me: hi
[thenextnextday4:25:56 PM] Jacob: hi
[thenextnextday4:28:05 PM] Jacob: i make your special chicken recipe like 3x a month :)
[thenextnextday4:28:20 PM] Me: haha so good right
[thenextnextday4:28:31 PM] Me: I cook a ton ...learned some great things overseas
[thenextnextday4:28:43 PM] Me: especially with my indian and french flatmates
[thenextnextday4:28:46 PM] Me: we had cooking parties
[thenextnextday4:29:32 PM] Jacob: cool
[thenextnextday4:30:46 PM] Me: it was fun
[thenextnextday4:30:58 PM] Jacob: sounds like it
[thenextnextday4:31:00 PM] Jacob: brb
[thenextnextday4:31:02 PM] Me: k

[thenextnextday4:53:05 PM] Me: I'm just going to head home now...but maybe I will sign on to skype when I get there :)
[thenextnextday5:08:04 PM] Jacob: back
[thenextnextday5:28:02 PM] Me: hi
[thenextnextday5:28:56 PM] Jacob: hi
[thenextnextday5:31:41 PM] Jacob: lol
[thenextnextday5:32:43 PM] Me: guess what i got my parents for christmas
[thenextnextday5:32:54 PM] Jacob: ?
[thenextnextday5:32:58 PM] Me: wii and wii fit
[thenextnextday5:33:03 PM] Me: so we can play on christmas :)
[thenextnextday5:33:06 PM] Jacob: cool
[thenextnextday5:33:11 PM] Me: yea it will be funny to see them do that\
[thenextnextday5:33:17 PM] Me: and they are so tough to buy things for
[thenextnextday5:33:20 PM] Jacob: yep
[thenextnextday5:34:31 PM] Me: this weekend i'm going to kingston for Brooke's birthday and we are going to see cirque du soleil
[thenextnextday5:35:07 PM] Jacob: sounds like fun
[thenextnextday5:35:15 PM] Me: yea...didn't we go see cirque once?
[thenextnextday5:35:49 PM] Jacob: o
[thenextnextday5:36:05 PM] Me: i couldn't remember where though
[thenextnextday5:36:15 PM] Jacob: vegas
[thenextnextday5:36:17 PM] Me: oh thats right
[thenextnextday5:36:22 PM] Me: that was a busy weekend
[thenextnextday5:36:46 PM] Jacob: yep
[thenextnextday5:40:34 PM] Jacob: zuzu
[thenextnextday5:40:42 PM] Me: yes?
[thenextnextday5:41:00 PM] Jacob: just wanted to say that :)
[thenextnextday5:41:12 PM] Me: I miss that :)
[thenextnextday5:42:08 PM] Jacob: brb
[thenextnextday5:42:12 PM] Me: k
[thenextnextday5:43:38 PM] Jacob: i was seeing if there were any good conferences in NY in jan
[thenextnextday5:43:46 PM] Me: do they?
[thenextnextday5:43:51 PM] Jacob: not really
[thenextnextday5:44:01 PM] Me: i feel like no where has "great" conferences lately
[thenextnextday5:44:23 PM] Jacob: do u go on gmail much
[thenextnextday5:44:31 PM] Me: yea
[thenextnextday5:44:37 PM] Me: a ton more than skype
[thenextnextday5:44:46 PM] Me: my phone gets it too
[thenextnextday5:44:49 PM] Jacob: than we should chat there I requested u
[thenextnextday5:46:47 PM] Me: okay

to be continued going from skype to gmail chat...not that that is important.
So how did I feel after this conversation?
Confused...I know it wasn't the best thing to necessarily keep talking but I liked it and I found myself looking forward to talking to him. 
It was like I had this secret (talking to him) but it made me feel good so I didn't exactly want to stop.
So the conversation continued...

6:01 PM me: hi
  this better
 Jacob: hey
 me: Hey
6:02 PM Now I get it on my phone:)
 Jacob: ?
  oh ok
 me: This is how I text with Taylor
 Jacob: send me that pic of u and I will add it to this
6:03 PM me: K

10 minutes
6:13 PM Jacob: back
 me: Hi
 Jacob: 2 more clients then im done
6:14 PM me: Nice :)
6:15 PM Jacob: u going to email me that pic later to update yr profile on here
 me: I will when I'm at my computer with those pics
 Jacob: k
 me: So not today
 Jacob: no big deal
  im so hungry
6:16 PM i need some of your good appetizers you used to make
 me: Haha like the chicken?
 Jacob: anything
 me: I made those that week for Brooke's bday
   Jacob: gotcha
  i miss those
 me: Everyone loves them haha
6:17 PM Jacob: how is yr moms salon
 me: I miss good water haha
  Good busy with the holidays
 Jacob: getting all pampered?
 me: You know me ...may as well take advantage haha
6:18 PM Jacob: the office next to us, we are in suites, is an immigration lawyer
 me: Remember our pedicures? ;)
  Oh yeah?
 Jacob: my only one
 me: That would have been useful
6:19 PM I thought it was great to do that with you
 Jacob: i gave it
 me: I know it was really sweet
 Jacob: how is your brother
6:20 PM behaving?
 me: Really good I actually live with him...he totally changed
  Likes to eat healthy
 Jacob: cool
 me: For christmas I'm getting him a pannini press to grill veggies
 Jacob: do all his friends hit on u lol
6:21 PM me: Haha
  They are just being nice
 Jacob: are u driving your car again
6:22 PM me: Sold it
 Jacob: i have a vitamix now
 me: My dad gave me his old car
 Jacob: cool
 me: Awesome I love that thing
  I always wanted to make soup in it
6:23 PM Jacob: i also belong to an organic farm with the community shares u buy
 me: I remember that
 Jacob: i joined last yr
 me: I thought we had considered it at one point
6:24 PM Jacob: i looked more into it
 me: Nice :)
 Jacob: im going to go I have two more clients than close up
 me: Kay have fun :)
 Jacob: bye
 me: Later big zuzu

I fully realize that a lot of our conversation is boring and not super exciting.
At this point I really couldn't decide what to do I we are reminiscing and catching up on stuff and really we aren't progressing anywhere so I figured my heart was safe.
To be continued...

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