Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

OTH truth

I'm rewatching One Tree Hill from the beginning as I try to organize my life.
And I remember why I love it.
I feel like Brooke Davis.

Especially in this episode where she says this...

Brooke Davis: Why does everybody lie? You know, the bad guys lie to get in your bed, and the good guys lie to get into your heart. And I'm the idiot who falls for it every time

If you want to see her say it it's here

I feel exactly like her.
I fall for it every.single.time.

Monday, April 29, 2013

staying in on the fourth

I was pretty excited when he suggested we hang out the very next night
A total random Monday night date
I was a touch hung over from the martinis the night before.

He suggested we just warm up some of the leftovers.
And we quickly settled into watching episodes of The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad
And it felt really good.

Pic from here
So I suppose ...
even though I'm likely jinxing it...
MrAttorney is the only one I'm interested in hanging out with.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

third date

So does a third date warrant a Mr title?
Anywho so on Sunday I had a meeting with a potential business partner.
And after I was downtown so I called him.
He suggested we grab a late brunch at a super cute place called School in the Liberty Village area of Toronto.
Pic from here
So we parked at his place and headed over.
And I can just yap away.
He makes me laugh, he's intelligent and he's handsome (though not exactly my know me I usually love the big huge guys lol...maybe this is the type of change I need.).
After we decided to walk down Queen Street West area of Toronto.
Pic from here
Stopping at Nadege for my fav macarons.

Pic from here
He agreed they were amazing!
So after walking around he suggested that he come up to my place (because I live way far out of the city).
I was a little nervous because I'm not sure how I feel about having people in my place.

So he came over and we had chinese food and martinis (I know kind of a weird combination).
Since he just finished up a job and is switching firms he had the week off.
So he ended up sleeping over.
Only I cooled things off before they went too far.

And it was nice.
Especially waking up to him and his rumpled hair.
And I find myself trying not to get too excited because let's me real...three dates in means nothing.
Heck the furthest things have gone since Spencer is 17 dates.
So I feel myself trying to hold back a bit.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

and it happened again...

minding my own business
after putting another $2000 into my vehicle
and four days later
this happened...


Friday, April 26, 2013

Another fab girl's night

Had another fantastic girl's night out last Wednesday.
It involved 7 of us girls from the Canada Crew and Ethiopian food.
Have you ever had it?
Pic from link below

Besides being delicious and a TON of food...our bill for 7 of us (plus 1-2 beers/wines each) came to $94.73!

We will definitely being doing this again.
We went to a place called Nazareth.
Pic from here
We already have put on the calendar an Ethiopian night in May!
And it is super great that I am finally feeling like I have a great group of girlfriends here in Toronto...and that my fellow bloggers is BLISS!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

a second date

So after a couple of quick chats the following day we made plans to hang out again on Tuesday.
This time since I was downtown for work we decided I would pick him up from work.
Which admittedly I was disappointed with.

Geographically it made tons of sense but it made me question his interest.

I picked him up from work.
And he was looking all handsome in a suit (I'm a total sucker for that).
I was looking pretty boring in my dress pants and oxford (which I wear one size to big for mobility sake).

And he brought me cupcakes!
Which was a really sweet gesture.

We then headed to Ursa which I was excited about because it was on the top 10 new restaurant list for Toronto.
Fairly nondescript outside.
In fact, we actually walked by it the first time.
Pic form here
But the inside was super cute.
Pic from here
And we had dinner and wine and I basically yapped his ear off because that's what I do.
Afterwards he suggested a movie so we went to go see The Place beyond the Pines.
Which was just okay.
But his hand on my knee during the movie was better than okay :)
And the kiss goodnight was best of all.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Drag Queens, Ships and Burritos

So last Saturday it was E's birthday (from the Canada Crew).
I mentioned before that S and E live on a ship.
So that's where we started the celebration.

Before heading off to El Convento Rico.
A packed bar.
Known for it's drag queens.
And we danced and laughed our night away.
Pic from here
At the very end my date from the night before showed up.
And I was stunned that he would come all the way across town.
To a drag queen bar just to have a drink.

After we headed to Burrito Boyz for late night Burritos.
And it was nice even if the burritos kind of suck compared to Dallas.

Pic from here
I ended up spending the night on the ship which was super fun.
My blurry iPhone shot from the ship when I headed in that night.

And it was a fun Saturday night.
Which I desperately needed.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

from awkward first meeting to a first date

I updated you here how I made a complete fool of myself last Monday night.
Read here if you missed it.
I thought I would never hear from the boy who's bathroom I spent an hour puking in.
Color me surprised when he asked me on an actual date for Friday night.

I was definitely nervous...and a little disappointed when he suggested I pick him up 
(since I was driving in from where I live outside of downtown anyway).
We headed out for dinner at Guu Izakaya.
It is Japanese Tapas essentially.
Pic from here

It is loud and rowdy and fun.
The whole restaurant yells at you in Japanese when you come in and when you leave.
It was packed while we were there.
Super fun you take off your shoes when you sit in a certain dining area.
If the bustling dining room at Guu were any funkier, it would be in a movie: The tables, walls and backless stools are made of reclaimed wood, as are the long communal tables. (J.P. MOCZULSKI/J.P. MOCZULSKI/The Globe and Mail)
Pic from here

And it was a great atmosphere.
And we chatted and chatted.
And I found myself having a good time.
And somewhat remembering some of our chats Monday evening.

Afterward we grabbed a drink at another bar.
Before heading I was set to head home.
The night was fun and ended with a sweet kiss.
I'm not sure where things are going with him.
He's not quite my usual type but I suppose that doesn't mean too much.

And let's be real...if I end up liking him we know what usually happens lol.
I can tell you I did see him the next night and a date after that too.

Monday, April 15, 2013

bad trip

Pic from here
So here's how my trip went down.
It kind of started off bad.
The fact that I've had to rent a car since my car broke down.
Or that I even had difficulty picking up the rental car (from the shady car rental place).

Then a rough day of work on the day we left.
Picking up Laurel from her work place.
Getting caught in traffic.

As we drove and day turned into night.
Laurel fell fast asleep.
Which sucks because I was exhausted.
So I decided to stop in Syracuse versus Utica.

Exhausted and rolling into bed.
And finding out Laurel sleeps with a sound machine.
Sounds kind of like a staticy channel turned up really loud.
So I slept like crap.

Finally making it into Boston.
After Laurel who refused to find an address and insisted she was right in directions.
So we missed eating at the lunch place that we wanted to eat at.
And I just got quiet (mainly because I was starving because I opted for a coffee only breakfast because I hate McDonald's breakfast).

We then toured Harvard University which was awesome and I got a token sweatshirt.
Then we headed to the W (which I love).
We started to get ready.
And Laurel thought the sink was broken (turned out it was not she only had the plug in activated).
Then she forgot her makeup in the car (which was parked a little a ways in valet).
The stadium was 15 minutes walk away but Laurel's boots were too uncomfortable to walk in so we cabbed it.
But totally missed the opening (one of my favourite parts of the game is the introduction of the teams).
It is the first game I've been to in a couple of years and yeah I was pretty disappointed.

After the game was over I was really looking forward to a night out in Boston (our only real night "out" on the trip).  So we snagged a seat at the bar at the W which was promptly filling up.
Laurel was tired and wasn't really in the mood but did decide to have one drink.
Then went to bed.
I stayed for one more but then decided to just head up.

The next morning I got up early to work out in the am.
When I came back Laurel let me know her one sugary drink effected her badly so we wouldn't be making the 9am tour.
So I showered and got ready and tried to figure out what to do.
We ended up going on a different (and now unresearched tour).

We thought it was weird being on a Freedom Trial tour and 90 minutes in had only visited two sites.
Now I was we ended up selecting the wrong kind of focused tour and not a generalized one like we wanted to originally.
Laurel was saying out loud..."this is b*llsh*t I'm asking for a refund because this is NOT the freedom trial tour"...and was saying this LOUDLY.
And I was embarrassed.
And irritated.

And the rest of our day was similarly downhill.
I'm realized in spending 24/7 with Laurel at this point in the trip that she is quite negative.
Also reminded me of my mum in complaining about everything.
It was like wearing a wet blanket all weekend long.

And it got worse.

We went to our sorority meeting where we (granted unexpectedly) had to add an extra girl to our room.
Laurel went so mean girls on this new roommate that she was in tears 10 minutes in.

I busied myself trying to smooth things over.
Reassuring the new roommate that she was not intruding and apologizing for Laurel behaviour.

And trying to deescalate Laurel's meangirl routine.
That by the end of the weekend I was exhausted.

There are more details that I just am too exhausted to even write out it full.
It just stinks that this may be my only trip of the year and this is how it went.
Bad trip indeed.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


So I still haven't written about Boston.
Maybe its because I'm still seething over it.
More about that later.

Upon my return to work Monday I was a little exhausted and a lot cranky.

I rushed from work to a dental cleaning and finding out I have ledges that require some filling 
(bad news yuck!)
Then I rushed to return the rental car.
And having to take a cab all the way across town was a depressing prospect.
Especially because I couldn't find a soul to pick me up.
So it added to the lonely feeling I've certainly been having lately.

So I get to the total sketchy car rental place.
Where my $145 rental becomes a $1143.95 car rental.
Yes you read that right.
I was devastated.
This kills my fun money (aka Dallas trip money).

I bawled my eyes out in the car rental place.
Such scam I'm just in the pissed off phase.
And I was upset about quite a few things.
I didn't know what to do just that everything seems to be going wrong.
In relaying that to a girl friend from my sorority alumnae group she insisted on me meeting her to watch the game.
(The game obviously being Michigan vs Louisville).
And well we all know how that went down.

Almost as smoothly as the two bottle of red wine.
I seemed to be channeling all my anger and frustration into gulping wine down much to quickly and just like that I was wasted.
So wasted that I ended up making really dumb decisions.
I slept exactly one hour Monday night.
And made a total idiot of myself.

Can't remember the last time I drank until the point of vomiting.
But oh I certainly did.
Totally humiliated.
Even if I do have a date for Friday night now.
Here's hoping I can redeem the first impression I must have given.
Because I cringe with embarrassment over the Monday night fiasco.

Pic from here

Monday, April 8, 2013

Last text to MrTenderfoot

Pic from here
So before I left for Boston.
I broke down and texted MrTenderfoot.
I wrote..."Hi I leave for Boston tomorrow :) was sort of hoping to have spoken to you beforehand"
And of course.
No response.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Honey I'm Home

Nothing quite like being away for 5 days (which I will update about later).
And coming home to a slightly disheveled dark apartment.
With no one awaiting my return.
In fact if I came home later or even not at all today no one would even notice.
And that is super hard to swallow.
Some things really make me feel quite lonely.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Road trip!

Pic from here
If you're reading this I'm on my way to Boston with Laurel!
Yay girl's trip!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Unanswered packages

So the other day I got a message that I had a package from concierge.
Nice right?!
Well when I picked it up it was this...
Two creepy things about it.
One the "from" was hand written and my address was on a printed label.
Two notice there is no postage on it.
Therefore he dropped it off in person!

And what did it contain you may ask?
A letter...
This letter...

And a pandora charm.
Which is kind of ironic because he proclaims that it is him knowing that I would like it.
But the funny thing is...
I HATE pandora bracelets with a passion.
I think they are awful.

So I think it's best that I just mail it right back to him.
What do you think?
I have not spoken a word/text etc since January 20th.  
Sort of weird how persistent he's being right?

And I'm just frustrated.
The guys that like me I don't like.
And the ones I like don't like me.

I'm holding out the tiniest smidgen of hope that maybe at some point in my life I will find love and it will at least be equal.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Pic from here...NOT actual pic I'm talking about...just for clarification.
When someone changes their profile picture on facebook.
Got to love that special feeling...
when you realize...
that's part of my face...
cropped out of a facebook profile pic...

Low Mr.Tenderfoot.
Jerk move.
Total jerk move.

Right up there with the ONLY message I got all weekend was a "hey happy Easter".