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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


So I still haven't written about Boston.
Maybe its because I'm still seething over it.
More about that later.

Upon my return to work Monday I was a little exhausted and a lot cranky.

I rushed from work to a dental cleaning and finding out I have ledges that require some filling 
(bad news yuck!)
Then I rushed to return the rental car.
And having to take a cab all the way across town was a depressing prospect.
Especially because I couldn't find a soul to pick me up.
So it added to the lonely feeling I've certainly been having lately.

So I get to the total sketchy car rental place.
Where my $145 rental becomes a $1143.95 car rental.
Yes you read that right.
I was devastated.
This kills my fun money (aka Dallas trip money).

I bawled my eyes out in the car rental place.
Such scam I'm just in the pissed off phase.
And I was upset about quite a few things.
I didn't know what to do just that everything seems to be going wrong.
In relaying that to a girl friend from my sorority alumnae group she insisted on me meeting her to watch the game.
(The game obviously being Michigan vs Louisville).
And well we all know how that went down.

Almost as smoothly as the two bottle of red wine.
I seemed to be channeling all my anger and frustration into gulping wine down much to quickly and just like that I was wasted.
So wasted that I ended up making really dumb decisions.
I slept exactly one hour Monday night.
And made a total idiot of myself.

Can't remember the last time I drank until the point of vomiting.
But oh I certainly did.
Totally humiliated.
Even if I do have a date for Friday night now.
Here's hoping I can redeem the first impression I must have given.
Because I cringe with embarrassment over the Monday night fiasco.

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