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Friday, April 19, 2013

Drag Queens, Ships and Burritos

So last Saturday it was E's birthday (from the Canada Crew).
I mentioned before that S and E live on a ship.
So that's where we started the celebration.

Before heading off to El Convento Rico.
A packed bar.
Known for it's drag queens.
And we danced and laughed our night away.
Pic from here
At the very end my date from the night before showed up.
And I was stunned that he would come all the way across town.
To a drag queen bar just to have a drink.

After we headed to Burrito Boyz for late night Burritos.
And it was nice even if the burritos kind of suck compared to Dallas.

Pic from here
I ended up spending the night on the ship which was super fun.
My blurry iPhone shot from the ship when I headed in that night.

And it was a fun Saturday night.
Which I desperately needed.

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