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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

a second date

So after a couple of quick chats the following day we made plans to hang out again on Tuesday.
This time since I was downtown for work we decided I would pick him up from work.
Which admittedly I was disappointed with.

Geographically it made tons of sense but it made me question his interest.

I picked him up from work.
And he was looking all handsome in a suit (I'm a total sucker for that).
I was looking pretty boring in my dress pants and oxford (which I wear one size to big for mobility sake).

And he brought me cupcakes!
Which was a really sweet gesture.

We then headed to Ursa which I was excited about because it was on the top 10 new restaurant list for Toronto.
Fairly nondescript outside.
In fact, we actually walked by it the first time.
Pic form here
But the inside was super cute.
Pic from here
And we had dinner and wine and I basically yapped his ear off because that's what I do.
Afterwards he suggested a movie so we went to go see The Place beyond the Pines.
Which was just okay.
But his hand on my knee during the movie was better than okay :)
And the kiss goodnight was best of all.

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