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Thursday, April 18, 2013

from awkward first meeting to a first date

I updated you here how I made a complete fool of myself last Monday night.
Read here if you missed it.
I thought I would never hear from the boy who's bathroom I spent an hour puking in.
Color me surprised when he asked me on an actual date for Friday night.

I was definitely nervous...and a little disappointed when he suggested I pick him up 
(since I was driving in from where I live outside of downtown anyway).
We headed out for dinner at Guu Izakaya.
It is Japanese Tapas essentially.
Pic from here

It is loud and rowdy and fun.
The whole restaurant yells at you in Japanese when you come in and when you leave.
It was packed while we were there.
Super fun you take off your shoes when you sit in a certain dining area.
If the bustling dining room at Guu were any funkier, it would be in a movie: The tables, walls and backless stools are made of reclaimed wood, as are the long communal tables. (J.P. MOCZULSKI/J.P. MOCZULSKI/The Globe and Mail)
Pic from here

And it was a great atmosphere.
And we chatted and chatted.
And I found myself having a good time.
And somewhat remembering some of our chats Monday evening.

Afterward we grabbed a drink at another bar.
Before heading I was set to head home.
The night was fun and ended with a sweet kiss.
I'm not sure where things are going with him.
He's not quite my usual type but I suppose that doesn't mean too much.

And let's be real...if I end up liking him we know what usually happens lol.
I can tell you I did see him the next night and a date after that too.

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