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Monday, April 15, 2013

bad trip

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So here's how my trip went down.
It kind of started off bad.
The fact that I've had to rent a car since my car broke down.
Or that I even had difficulty picking up the rental car (from the shady car rental place).

Then a rough day of work on the day we left.
Picking up Laurel from her work place.
Getting caught in traffic.

As we drove and day turned into night.
Laurel fell fast asleep.
Which sucks because I was exhausted.
So I decided to stop in Syracuse versus Utica.

Exhausted and rolling into bed.
And finding out Laurel sleeps with a sound machine.
Sounds kind of like a staticy channel turned up really loud.
So I slept like crap.

Finally making it into Boston.
After Laurel who refused to find an address and insisted she was right in directions.
So we missed eating at the lunch place that we wanted to eat at.
And I just got quiet (mainly because I was starving because I opted for a coffee only breakfast because I hate McDonald's breakfast).

We then toured Harvard University which was awesome and I got a token sweatshirt.
Then we headed to the W (which I love).
We started to get ready.
And Laurel thought the sink was broken (turned out it was not she only had the plug in activated).
Then she forgot her makeup in the car (which was parked a little a ways in valet).
The stadium was 15 minutes walk away but Laurel's boots were too uncomfortable to walk in so we cabbed it.
But totally missed the opening (one of my favourite parts of the game is the introduction of the teams).
It is the first game I've been to in a couple of years and yeah I was pretty disappointed.

After the game was over I was really looking forward to a night out in Boston (our only real night "out" on the trip).  So we snagged a seat at the bar at the W which was promptly filling up.
Laurel was tired and wasn't really in the mood but did decide to have one drink.
Then went to bed.
I stayed for one more but then decided to just head up.

The next morning I got up early to work out in the am.
When I came back Laurel let me know her one sugary drink effected her badly so we wouldn't be making the 9am tour.
So I showered and got ready and tried to figure out what to do.
We ended up going on a different (and now unresearched tour).

We thought it was weird being on a Freedom Trial tour and 90 minutes in had only visited two sites.
Now I was we ended up selecting the wrong kind of focused tour and not a generalized one like we wanted to originally.
Laurel was saying out loud..."this is b*llsh*t I'm asking for a refund because this is NOT the freedom trial tour"...and was saying this LOUDLY.
And I was embarrassed.
And irritated.

And the rest of our day was similarly downhill.
I'm realized in spending 24/7 with Laurel at this point in the trip that she is quite negative.
Also reminded me of my mum in complaining about everything.
It was like wearing a wet blanket all weekend long.

And it got worse.

We went to our sorority meeting where we (granted unexpectedly) had to add an extra girl to our room.
Laurel went so mean girls on this new roommate that she was in tears 10 minutes in.

I busied myself trying to smooth things over.
Reassuring the new roommate that she was not intruding and apologizing for Laurel behaviour.

And trying to deescalate Laurel's meangirl routine.
That by the end of the weekend I was exhausted.

There are more details that I just am too exhausted to even write out it full.
It just stinks that this may be my only trip of the year and this is how it went.
Bad trip indeed.

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  1. Ugh. That sounds ROUGH. I'm sorry. Glad you made it through.