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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Better Perspective...

Okay as much as I have loved the Royal Wedding
I'm a little creeped out about the LACK of attention given to the people of the Southern United States. 

A good friend of mine brought to my attention the mass devastation that has happened in Alabama and the surrounding states from tornados ripping through.  I have been watching the news as usual and I haven't seen anything on this huge disaster.

I literally had no idea and I frequent the American Yahoo newsfeed.
Today right now when you go to the American yahoo site (  3/4 of the first slideshow newsfeeds are of the Royal Wedding.
I kind of find that really sad.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of the South.
And I hope that America pulls together like they did recently for Japan.

Here's how YOU can help...

Donate to Tornado Relief Effort

American Red Cross: The Red Cross is providing relief to people across the hardest-hit states, providing shelter, and relief to survivors.
To make a donation to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief, visit its online donation page.
You can also call 1-800-RED-CROSS or text "REDCROSS" to 90999 to make a $10 donation.
The Salvation Army: The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services is responding to the deadly tornado activity throughout the South, mobilizing feeding units and providing support to the victims.
To donate to the Salvation Army's tornado disaster response, visit, click on their donation page and designate "April 2011 Tornado Outbreak."
You can call 1-800-SAL-ARMY and donors can text "GIVE" to 80888 to make a $10 donation. Checks can be made out to the Salvation Army Disaster Relief, P.O. Box 100339, Atlanta, Ga., 30384-0339.

Feeding America: Feeding America helps food banks provide food to communities affected by the recent tornadoes. To make a donation to Feeding America, visit its online donation page.

 Governor's Emergency Relief Fund: The Fund, part of the Alabama Governor's Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, provides additional recovery assistance to Alabama residents who have exhausted all other coverage provided by relief organizations, government programs and insurance. To donate, visit the online donation page.

Please do what you can.

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"Girls with ass's like mine don't talk to boys with faces like your's..."

Perfect Saturday morning watching a little girly movie...
I love She's the Man with Amanda Bynes...

because there is also the very very sexy Channing Tatum (total huge crush on this hot guy).

Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it...

So good oh yea and the title of this blog post is a line from the movie...
I haven't ever used it in real life...yet ;)

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Departure adorable and perfect is this?!
This is their most recent departure from Buckingham Palace.
Driving themselves in a cute little convertible.

Want to know an "insider tip".
Courtesy of my family (who all grew up in South Africa and therefore very British)
The "L" in front of the car is what someone with a Learner's permit MUST display on their car.
Who knows if this is simply a joke from Prince Harry or what but that is the FIRST thing my family noticed.

I can't find a picture that I can download but the back license plate says: JU5T WED
How freaking cute is that???  You can see that pic here.

Best wishes to the happy beautiful couple!
Don't you just love love?

Fairy Tale Weddings and Happy Endings

I admit it I got totally sucked in.
And you know what it didn't really bother me that much.
(In terms of my own failed wedding).

It was fun and silly and I felt happy...snuggled in bed watching things unfold.
It wasn't the usual social party I would typically have for this kind of event.
But I enjoyed it.

Boy did I enjoy David Beckham holy hotness! 
Do I ever L-O-V-E the morning suit.
Seriously way way WAYYYY sexier than a tux.

And Victoria Beckham I mean fantastic does she look pregnant?!

The ever joyful Elton John (who's husband is Canadian!)

How fun was it that the Queen wore definitely evoked happiness to me
and made it easy to spot her.

Prince Charles and Camilla...she was rocking a pretty great hat too!

Way to go socialite look phenomenol!

Celebrities (Victoria), Socialites (2nd and 3rd from left) and Princesses (the two on the right) and HATS!  I LOVE HATS!!  Seriously how fabulous are these?!

Kate's mum arriving (great hat) and her brother who is looking pretty hot!

How cute are her and her dad?

Her and her sister Pippa.  I was a little surprized at the light ivory/creamy hue of her sisters dress.  However I thought they both looked GORGEOUS!

I thought her dress was PERFECT for the occasion.  Formal and beautiful and classic.  I loved her earrings.  I'm secretly dying to see what shoes she wore.  I thought the veil was airey and light and so pretty.  I appreciated the tiara being elegant just like her.  Rumor had it she had padded the hips to make her tiny waist seem even tinier!  Her bouquet was small (compared to others) but I loved that because it didn't overwhelm her small frame. 

Some say her inspiration was Grace Kelly which is one of my favourite "Royal" Dresses of all time (even though personally I'm not a lace fan I thought it was GORGEOUS!)

How cute are the flower girls and pages?  Box pleats...seriously I die!  I love box pleats...these kiddos are just about the cutest things ever.

Look at those handsome boys waiting.  Harry certainly is a heartbreaker!  So good looking.

Like I said before...she is just STUNNING!  What a beautiful woman.  Definitely a style icon...and someone who basically I know if she wears it I will like it (in general!).  I just found out this morning (reading a random article) that Burberry jacket I posted (here) about sold out within 24 hours!

Probably the best part of the whole thing is how happy they look together.

The famous balcony kiss.  My favourite part was how she blushed immediately after.  To me it was the most real and genuine moment of the whole thing.

And I will secretly admit I also watched Will and Kate the Lifetime movie last night when it re-aired (I missed the first airing in Canada because I was too busy making out with the chef at Eva's Bachelorette Party!).
I loved it.
What a great guilty pleasure.
Seriously here is the had everything I love about Lifetime movies...drama and love and finally a happy ending.

Overall what a great ESCAPE from reality.
I loved it.

Pics from here, here, here, here and here.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Out of a Mother's Mouth...

So in weird mum news today...

My mum called me at work...yea I think it's her favourite because I can't "not" answer the phone seeing as I'm the main receptionist for trafficing phone calls.
She called to see if we were going to Mommy and Me Yoga tonight.
I haven't gone at all this week because I'm pretty sure I have strep... or mono (THAT would be totally worth it though...I will take a moment to pause and think of my makeout session with the chef...okay moving on)...

Then she lets me know that ANOTHER relative just bought a house in Florida.
I didn't even know they were looking for houses in Florida.
These are the parents of the girl who is getting married next month in the same wedding venue as we were going to use...the girl who's bridal shower I went to (read here) and her bachelorette party is this weekend (which I feel like I have to go to because her wedding is the same day as Eva's and I can't go...and I'm secretly really happy because I would suffer through a wedding with the same venue AND ballroom as I had joyously picked out with Spencer).

And then my mum told me that yet ANOTHER relative put in an offer on a place this morning in guessed it Florida.
I just replied "that's nice".
I mean am I supposed to say.
I LOVE how you keep rubbing it in my face.
I love thinking about my "almost" life in's awesome (desparately need a sarcasm font).

Then she says that my dog is acting all wierd.
They have been looking after him since I left him there while I was away at Eva's Bachelorette party until Monday night.
I have purposely left him there because I have felt really sick these last two nights.
First I thought it was just that I can't handle a drinking/unhealthy eating weekend but now I think I got strep from Eva (who had a horrible infection this weekend).

My parent love my dog and sometimes it is me trying to be nice that I leave him there.
So my mum tells me how she made my dog an omelet for breakfast this morning (I swear!)
My dad told me this morning that last night they went for a long walk and my dog loved it.
So my dog is getting totally spoiled and I know they love having him there.

Here is the weird start of the story...
My mum tells me that there is something funny going on because my dog won't let my dad sleep on the couch (which is typical for him after a long day at work).
When this happens my dog starts to cry and whine at my dad until he wakes up.
If my mum or grandma falls asleep he doesn't do it.

Here comes the creepo story...
THEN my mum launches into a story of previously undisclosed information.
The day my uncle passed away (in 2009) I was living in Singapore and my parent had my dog with them (I didn't want to put him through quarantine in Singapore).
That whole day my dog would just sit at my dad's feet and cry.
My dad would pick him up and he would just burrow into him and as soon as he would put him down he would cry and whine.  This went on for 10 hours+!!!
SOOOO the conclusion is my mum thinks there is something "wrong" with my dad and my dog knows something about this...basically insinuating something may "happen" to my dad.
Which freaks me out totally.

You see because my mum is "always right".
She usually tells me after the fact.
She tried to "warn me" because Spencer was close to his family and I was apparently a "nothing" to him (before we broke up she tried to tell me that I should be careful and walk on eggshells because if I was my normal self his family wouldn't like me and therefore he would leave me...and he did ultimately in the she is "right").

Now there are some pretty spooky and odd instances where she has "called things".
And there is a story amongst my family that my mum went to the best psychic ever who told her all about my life but my mum refuses to tell me anything about it becuase apparently the psychic has been 100% guessing about both Jacob and another Ex. (which is what she DID tell me), and my work path and everything about me pretty much.
She has told other people the things that have already occured and it freaks THEM out and it is isn't even about THEM!
This freaks me out.

I do recognize it is also easier to call out negative consequences
if you just take a negative pessismistic view of EVERYthing.
So I'm kind of freaked...I hope there is nothing wrong with my dad.
I hope my dog doesn't have some kind of weird clairvoyant negative news reception going on.
And if I hear about Florida one more time today I'm going to scream!

Something feels "off" today maybe it is the weird weather rainy cold weather.
Maybe its because I feel like I'm sick with strep...or mono haha.
Hmmm I know I didn't work on Monday...but I'm kind of considering being sick tomorrow and not coming into work which would make a Royal Wedding Party by myself extra fun.
Hmmm maybe I could prolong it into skipping the Bachelorette party this weekend.
What a weird creepy day...

Chapter S-7: Incureable Infatuation

It is sort of really heartbreaking to go through all these emails and conversations.
I guess I'm just trying to understand it all.
Maybe I missed the huge flashing lights and waving flags of warning.
Which is why I'm going through all of it.

Maybe I can actually learn something from this huge catastrophy.
Maybe I can figure out why this all happened.
Maybe it is just to write it down so I can truly leave it in the past where it needs to be.

In this batch of communication we are talking about being excited for Spencer's impending visit to Singapore.  We are flirting and still getting to know one another but throw that in with multiple phone calls a day and I felt like we were in fast forward.
We were getting to know one another and I admit I was infatuated...

From: Teagan
Date: Wed, Nov 11, 2009
To: Spencer

Hey you,
tried to call...just got in now...wished I didn't miss your phone call.  I'm trusting you had a wonderful night.  Talk to you soon.  I tried to text but I need to purchase my next boost of long distance card.

From: Spencer
Date: Wed, Nov 11, 2009
To: Teagan

     I am running crazy right now with work. I am feeling great today. Everything is going really well, I have my team doing great things. I am going to do everything in my power to ensure my company stays. I hate to lose, and there I was about to pack everything up and just quit! The assholes just made it personal! I think my energy today has put a jump start into my ol man as well. Really chicka, everything is good. I am going to try my best to do the best I can. This will work great with rolling into our vacation together! I will be stress free, and more able to sit back and relax. Ok, on a different note. I am a little nervous about the email I sent you earlier. you know the one about love?? I heard no feedback? hmmm. one can only think ma'am... Wasn't good huh? lol

I hope as always, that you are doing great. I am thinking about you!

Just to clarify...he was in a high stress job in Korea.  The great thing was his dad had just moved there in July to also work with him.  He basically hired on his dad as his boss.  And obviously I still didn't know what to say or how to explain his "thought on love" email (you can read that HERE if you missed it).

From: Teagan
Date: Wed, Nov 11, 2009
To: Spencer

Hey you,
I've had an insane last day and today is just as busy.  We had a new assistant start and I usually try and take them under my wing a little bit.  So I wasn't able to fully concentrate on your email at work and then after work I had met up with some people and didn't get home until late (I only emailed).  So this morning I got up early to look at it and decided I definitely need to read it carefully and not while I'm exhausted.  So is it fair to look at it tonight and give you a proper response.  I definitely don't want you stressing over it.  What I can say so far is that this is something you really spent time with and I'm excited to really read it properly. 
I do have to say it is really fun to talk to you and communicate like we have been.  I did find myself missing talking to you last night before going to bed...though the rules dictates I probably shouldn't be telling you that haha.  I don't care I'm having a lot of fun getting to know you and it just makes me that much more excited for when you come to visit which is less than two weeks now.
Okay so when you can I want an update about work because I feel like something is going on...was there a shift or something.  Is your company still thinking of leaving?  Is that guy still stirring the pot?  I understand I would hate to lose as well especially since I'm sure you basically got this entire thing off the ground yourself.  Did it get more personal or is it the same old thing he is trying to make stick.  Thats good it gave your dad some more energy too. 
Again, I'm excited for you to visit and I'm glad it will be nice and stress free.  I think we will have a blast together and I'm glad you are coming to Tioman with my closest friends here.
Talk to you soon

From: Spencer
Date: Wed, Nov 11, 2009
To: Teagan

Ok, I check my phone about every 15 minutes.... Take a guess why.... lol

From: Teagan
Date: Wed, Nov 11, 2009
To: Spencer

why's that?

Talking to Spencer felt great.
I admit I was still trying to be cautious and avoid getting to infatuated.
It did fell great to have someone who was appearing to be more infatuated than me!
I wanted to just see how it went ...I knew his visit in less than two weeks would tell a TON...

To be continued...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crossroads...not just a Britney Spears movie title...

I'm having a bit of a freak out...panic attack...reached crossroads in my life
and it's kind of like "now what????".
Before I was waiting to see if I passed my tests and now I did.
I can work in my career in Canada.

Now I'm stuck.
Well I guess I mean that in two senses of the word "stuck".
I'm "stuck" here in Canada (insert sad face) almost feels like a jail sentance (okay I know I'm being a TAD melodramatic).
I'm "stuck" in the sense like my feet are glued to the ground and I can't quite seem to make that next look for jobs that I would actually consider.

You would think I would have spent these last weeks revamping my CV/resume and being ready to go out the gate and I just didn't.
I guess my main problem is how to gloss over the fact that I haven't worked since May 2010 in my field.
Ummm I'm guessing most employers will not be super impressed by me cutting short a contract in Asia to follow my fiance/pseudo-husband back to this hemisphere of the world.
I never anticipated it would be THIS long before I would be able to work again.
I was already licensed in the USA so we thought it would only take a few weeks but with the immigration issues it ended up being much longer and well now of course it has turned out like this.

I'm humiliated and embarrased.
Also cut to the fact that I don't have a letter of recommendation from my last two employers.
I did ask and they said they would do one but I guess I didn't pester enough to actually get them.

So I just feel stuck.
Then add to the mix that I'm just NOT excited to work here and that is sucking big time.
So then I start to look internationally...which will lead to all kind of death threats from the family and friends (I'm kidding...sort of).

So what do I do???
I feel like I'm standing at a fork in the road
and have absolutely no idea which direction to step in.
Well there is one road I want but it is not available to me.

I guess the first step is to organize my "bags" (resume/CV).
Grab a map and try to decipher what the available "roads" (places) for me are.
Just try to travel a road...and see how quickly a roadblock pops up.
Because YES I am anticipating some roadblocks.

If there were directions signs I feel like they would read like this...not entirely encouraging.

pics from here, here,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eva's Bachelorette Party Weekend (aka The Long Version of the Weekend Update)

This past weekend was Eva's Bachelorette Party Weekend.
It was seriously the most fun ever!
It was jam packed with activities that were so much fun.

There was none of the usual "bachelorette party" debauchery.
Those kind of things really aren't us girls' cup of tea.
So there was no strippers/bar games/etc.

Shelby and I drove together to Niagara-on-the-Lake.
We started off with some pre wine tasting snacks and sangria in the car.
Well not "in" the car but a snacks out the back of the trunk.

Then we went on a 90 minute wine tour and tasting in Jordan Ontario at Cave Springs Vineyard.
It was great tasting wines and learning all about the process.
Outside Cave Springs Cellars

So cute the line of buildings in Jordan Ontario.

This room is perfect for weddings they host here.

Let the wine tasting begin!

Then we headed to Balls Falls which is kind of appropriate for a bachelorette party 
(no...seriously the park is called Balls Falls here is the link).
To have an afternoon picnic with all of Eva's favourite foods.
There was cheese, cheese ball, hummus, crackers, squares, cookies, fruit, veggies, sangria, wine, etc.

She said she would be happy if this is all she ate forever and ever... it is her favourite kind of food (mission accomplished!)
After that (and as if we weren't full of cheese etc.) We stopped by the Upper Canada Cheese Factory.
Where we sampled (and purchased) more cheese!
It was such a cute store.

When we were all completely stuffed we then went to the house we had rented for the weekend.
It is called Regent House and it was built in 1832.
Clearly newly renovated and it was BEAUTIFUL.
It was perfect for 9 of us.
All 5 bedrooms had ensuite bathrooms!  Which is key with 9 girls haha. 
And the kitchen was too die for!
I took pictures of every single room because it was so beautiful.

I loved the front door knocker!

The outside of our house on the cutest street ever in Niagara-on-the-Lake

See the couch on the left...its great for making out.

Dining room.

Loved this buffet in the dining room.

Eva's suite for the weekend!

It had a romantic fireplace.

Eva's ensuite bathroom.

Kitchen from one side...I loved those chairs.

Kitchen before we destroyed in Sunday night.

The main living room off the kitchen.

Patio!  And the weather was perfect for hanging out there :)

Loved the light fixture and how girly this room was.

Upstairs hallway...seriously how amazing is this house.

Such a pretty mirror in the hall.

My favourite room of the house...loved the black and white damask and the lamps were awesome!

Loved the inside of this lamp...I have never seen this before and it was so pretty it up!

Loved the fleur-de-lis stand!

After all settling into the house we sat on the patio and drank copious amounts of wine.
We covered a variety of topics everything from the Jersey Shore to Politics.
Then Quinn, Val and I went inside and prepared dinner.
We had ravioli/spinach lasagna, cheesesticks, and a big greek salad.
We had dinner and then for dessert Quinn had made a cake (yes the requisite penis cake but not graphic).
We had a giggle because our girl Quinn had come up with this all on her own.

Then we had another big round of Minute to Win It challenges.
We did have dirty sounding names to them.
And we get a little competitive.
We did these types of games for Quinn's birthday back in January (you can read about that here).  Jane and Val had come up with a whole new set of games.
And yes we are that competitive that there was a sign and scoreboard.

The teams were Sexy Socks, Posh Princesses, and Bandana Beauties (which corresponded to the team "accessories" that were (pretty easy to guess) pink socks, pink crowns or pink bandanas.

Here was the breakdown of all the fun games. 
We were in fits of giggles at everyone trying to complete the tasks.
These minute-it-to-win-it games are fantastic because they rotate through quick given they are 60 second time limits.
We "bacheloretted up" the names of the games to be all gross and suggestive.

First up "Thrust it Out"~ you had to use the yo-yo tied to your waist (not using your hands) to try and drag a marshmellow as far as one got it past the first line but we all managed to giggle hysterically.

Second was "Down and Dirty" ~ oops no picture...basically there was 5 height levels of plastic cups (think something on coffee table, something on shoebox, something on get the idea) that you had to pick up with your teeth only (no hands) and you couldn't put your knees or hands down on the ground and you had to carry the cups to the coffee table.  There was one 4cm high cup on the floor!

Third was "Prick and Flick" ~ You had to use a toothpick to "prick" a marshmellow and toss it over head as many marshmellows as you can in 60 seconds  It is harder then it looks.

Fourth was "Dirty Ball Sack"  ~ using a ball in a pair of pantyhose your teammates had to direct you (because the thick pantyhose was a blindfold too) to knock over 8 "pins" (waterfilled plastic beer bottles).

Finally, their was "Rim Job" ~ this was a drinking had to down a shot using only your mouth and then flip the cup over...kind of a hands free flip cup game.

The winners were Eva's group the Posh Princesses which was perfect.
Here they are modeling their prizes!

Before we knew it it was 1am and we were all exhausted!
So we all headed to bed.

We had a wakeup call at 10am and breakfast was already on the table.
It was a huge veggie friatta, fruit, yogurt, muffins, coffee and tea.

Yummo breakfast!
Then at 11am our yoga instructor arrived at the house.
This is the point where my camera battery died so if I get more pics emailed to me I will update this post.

We did an awesome hour of yoga.
We did a lot of partner yoga which is something I've never done and found so much fun.
After that we got ready and headed to the Pillar and Post Spa.
We had scheduled Eva a massage.
Some of the girls went for a walk downtown and Val, Shelby, Jane and I got a day pass to the spa.
So we spent the rest of the afternoon in the heated indoor pool, hot tub, outdoor hot springs, steam rooms and saunas.
It was heavenly and we all left very relaxed and rejuvinated (and slighly buzzed from some amazing mimosas).

We then headed home for a food and wine pairing with a chef at the house.
We walk in the door and I'm like HOLY MOLY this chef is so so soooooooooooooo cute.
He is totally "my type"...he was a rugby player (awesome legs and butt) and built like a "firehydrant" (thick and stocky) which is how I describe the boys that I like that are very clearly gym guys in great shape and ummm hello he's a chef...that alone is a pretty quick way to my heart.
So I tried to keep my opinion on how cute he was to myself.

The poor chef had NO idea what he was about to get into with us girls.
We were in rare form Sunday night.
Mostly because we had been sipping cocktails all day.
I think he was having a good time and we did our best to participate and pay attention.
Funny story how we had hired him.
Quinn sutured him in the ER a few weeks back and that is how she found us a private chef for that night!

So he started off teaching us different techniques.
He made the most delishious cocktail to start that was vodka, lemon simple syrup and lychee liquor.
We made fresh spring rolls (ricepaper with veggies and a special Hoissan saunce), then we had a goat cheese with 3 different mushroom brushetta topping, we made pork dumplings, we made a pear chutney and then we kept drinking and so did the chef.
We were having a fantastic time.
What is better than gourmet cooking and cocktails?!

We made him guess what our professions all were.
It was hysterical.
I was the first and only one he guessed before he gave up.
He totally pointed at me first (I felt myself blushing)...YES he noticed me!! and he guessed I was in sales (wrong but I guess I should take that as a compliment???)
I felt like my crush was becoming more evident as I deligently took notes and asked questions and asked him to flambe something.
Only I didn't call it flambe I asked if he could "please light something on fire."
What can I say I was hammered.

I finally cracked and instead of just keeping it to myself I whispered to Shelby "holy crap I have the HUGEST crush on our chef!!!"
Well it probably took all of 5 seconds for that little tidbit of info to circulate amongst the girls. 
Before you knew it I can see them making kissy faces behind him as I turned beat red.
I was a complete puddle of a school girl crush mess.

I don't even know who or how it was suggested to go down to the pub but we all did (with the chef in tow).
And before you knew it there was tequilla shots and other various things.
When the bar closed we all headed home...and the chef did too.

I was helping him clean up in the kitchen and before I knew it it was just us two alone in the kitchen (thank you girls!).
And then he came up behind me...I could feel him put his hands on my waist first...then he wrapped his arms around me and he turned me around and he tilted up my face and kissed me!!!
It was wonderful and fantastic and we eventually moved to the couch...actually let me rephrase that...he picked me up and carried me to a couch (which is why I love strong guys... swoon! they make me feel tiny and girly) where we made out until 4am!!!

I wish I could say I remembered our conversations etc.
I have not been that drunk in forever.
I'm not usually one to black out (and I didn't) but the details are certainly fuzzy.
Like I don't know if I mentioned any of my Spencer Saga (gosh I hope NOT!)
I teased him a lot saying he probably did this (ie. make out on a couch after a cooking demonstration) all the time...he denied it.
All I wanted to do was make out and in fact I wore my black trench coat the whole time
(he probably thought I was a total weirdo!)

I do recall him teasing me and saying something along the lines of he could have (ummm this may be cringeworthy) satisfied me 4 or 5 times by the time we both realized it was nearing 4am and I told him I was just shy and wasn't a girl that "moved fast".  Ummm hello I was still wearing my coat! 
Though he was driving me crazy (and I told him that he was killing me because he was SUCH a great kisser!)...but all we did was high school makeout on the couch.

It was great and playful and so freaking fun.
I really really really needed to be kissed.
He had to leave for work at 5am (the life of a chef I guess) so he got all his stuff ready and left shortly after 4.
So I blissfully crawled upstairs and into bed and fell fast asleep.

Monday  morning I woke up feeling less than stellar.
Wayyyyyy to much drinking Sunday night.
I'm glad I had my fun make out time though I don't think I will ever hear from him again :(
I really really wish I had given him my phone number (I didn't... at least I don't think I did...well I'm sure if he really wanted to he could find it out.)

Eva thinks I should contact him (via his phone number from cards he had left for all of us in the kitchen at the beginning of the night).
I'm not so all seriousness what if I made a total fool of myself and what if he was bored the whole time...(see how I talk myself out of things?)
So do I try and contact him?
And if I do what would I even say???
I mean I guess I could reach out to him...ack I don't know?!
I do know that the whole time I felt good and finally like my fun self again.

Monday morning (yesterday) I felt so so so sick the whole drive home.
I could barely talk to Shelby the 2.5 hour long car ride because I seriously thought I would puke (I didn't though).
I had planned on heading into work yesterday afternoon but I felt so bad I just laid on the couch and felt sick.

This morning I still don't feel entirely great...holy long recovery time but I made it into work.
The price you pay I guess.
Totally worth it!
Is it bad that I'm secretely hoping he calls???

PS Not a single sign of the Emerald Eyed girl anywhere this weekend :)  Though the girls preemptively told me that it would be of greatest benefit to me to be the last one to get "married" because then I would get the best bachelorette and other parties because they will be perfected by then haha...I have to say this one was just about perfect.