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Friday, April 15, 2011

Excuse me while I bite your head off...

Ughhh I'm a b*tch.
Today Lindsay came in (of Lindsay and Jack).
Don't know who they are?
The LAST people in the world I should be a b*tch to.

They are my parent's best friends.
They have always been super generous and super supportive of me.
Some examples???
  • They flew to Texas to celebrate my graduation with my family.
  • They made tons of appetizers all from scratch for the Engagment Party that was practically a wedding in itself. (They basically co-hosted the event with my parents.)
  • They came to visit Jacob and I twice in Philadelphia as vacation weekends...staying in a hotel and taking us everywhere in the city and insisting on paying for way too much!
  • They kept my stuff in suitcases in Florida in their vacation home and helped bring them back for me.
  • They hired me in September to be a temp while they were away in Italy so I could earn some money.
In short the nicest people ever.

Well they, (like the rest of my family relatives), have been to Florida 4 times since the New Year.
What can I say my entire family LOVES Florida.
Lindsay and Jack just got back last night.
So she frequently comes into work because they do business with this business.

Well Lindsay comes in all bubbly and tanned and says..."I came here to show off my tan".
I just (I'm sure I rolled my eyes) and sighed and mumbled "let me guess you just got from Florida and you LOVE it."
And she says "pardon?"
And I say "It's really nice hearing about Florida every SINGLE day because everyone goes there...don't worry it's a nice little daily reminder to me." my voice dripping with sarcasm.
And then I just felt the tears spring to my eyes and the blood rush to my face and I couldn't even look her in the eye.
And she said "don't worry things will work out for you"
And all I could do was nod.
I'm guessing she was thinking "no wonder he left her...she is such a b*tch"...
But now I feel totally guilty and bad about being so rude.
I just am so over hearing about Florida right now...seriously it is multiple times a day.
I think I might just start a daily counter to prove my point.

You know why it sucks to hear about Florida on a daily basis?
Because it was my dream DREAM place to live.
It makes me instantly think of Spencer.
And that is where I was going to live my life as a wife and start my own family.
And now I'm not. 
So instead of being cool about it (some argue Florida isn't that GREAT...but I insist on all it's amazing qualities) I'm a bitter rude girl.

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  1. Hey, it sounds like you were able to say that to her to get it off your chest because you trust her, and I'm sure she understands that. Of course, since she's your Mom's best friend, you can't say too much, but it sounds like with how supportive she is of you, and with her comment in reply, that she truly does support you and understands where you are.

  2. It happens, you know? From someone who obviously know what you've been through and what you continue to go through, I'm sure she understands.

  3. Thanks A...I think she did now that I've seen her a few times...though I totlaly chickened out on addressing that issue.