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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can I say I don't need highlights if I call my hair colour Ombre?

Sarah Jessica Parker has been rocking this look for years (I distinctly remember during certain episodes of Sex and the City thinking that she needs her roots touched up).

This is the newer updated roots-grown style called Ombre.

Don't know if you know but this is a current "trend" of hair colour.
Basically it looks like you have really long roots.
Check out my girl Leighton for the subtle idea.

So my question seeing as my roots are currently can I just call it Ombre?
Okay I'm really trying to make light of a situation...that is hair-raising for sure (bad pun I know).  So in case you missed it my mum owns a spa.

When I was in high school this was fabulous I could get manicures and pedicures monthly.
Prom hair etc was all included.
When I had my engagment photos I got my hair and nails all done up.
This has saved my tons of money.

So one would think that being here I would be getting spa'ed up on a regular basis.
I'm no celebrity like Nicole Ritchie...

I always felt kind of guilty so I reserve my hair colouring, manicures etc for special occasions only.
Like when Taylor came to Canada for a visit (read here if you missed it).
So since my roots are very ombre looking...kind of like Hiliary Duff except less pronounced currently.

So I called my mum this morning to make an appointment (for my roots at the beginning of May) and to get it "blown out" think more Jessica Beal-esque for Eva's wedding in May.

So my mum gives me a time...("okay May 5th at 6pm")
and THEN says..."and it will be $185"...I almost spit out my Green Tea.
I reply, "ummm really?"
She says "well it isn't free"
I reply "then cancel it"
She says "you expect me to pay for your hair" (I honestly thought it only cost her pretty much the "labour and materials" which is a company cost, and I have never in the 15 years that the spa has been open ever paid).
I say, "nope don't worry about it"
My mum "well what are you going to do about your roots"
I say, "I will go to the drug store buy box dye and go back to my normal dark colour because I simply can't afford it right now."
She says "fine suit yourself."

I know I probably shouldn't complain but seriously?!  wtf
Where did this come from???
I pay my parents 20% of my measly income because I "owe them"
(which I do but that is a whole other ball of wax).
I am completely irked that I feel like she really wants to charge me NOW and at retail for my hair?
Seriously when I had to skrimp and save to buy her her birthday gift.
I'm super irritated.

So for now my roots are going to grow out...and I will just call it Ombre like Rachel Bilson.

I'm totally fuming...

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  1. Oh my goodness. I'm sorry. It would be one thing if you'd had some "okay, the spa can't keep paying for you because it costs us" or whatever sort of a conversation beforehand. It's quite another just to spring it on you. Yuck.