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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My body hates me...

Okay how is it only 3:02pm.
I am working on the weekend me you don't want to miss it haha.
However, there are some pics I want to attach still which will have to wait until I get home.

In all seriousness...
I can't treat my body as a garbage disposal and get away with it like I did when I was 19.
I barely made it home yesterday without puking in the car and it took a lot of focus and deep breaths.
I didn't even chance sipping water because I felt like if anything hit my stomach it would unleash everything.

Yesterday I got home early afternoon and I did not feel great.
So not great I didn't even bother heading into work for a few hours.
I woke up this morning and still do not feel great.
In fact I still have waves of nausea that roll on by and I have just drank some flat gingerale all day to try and calm my stomach.
I can't even think about food right now.

Turns out you can't gorge yourself on a weekend of cheese, wine, cocktails, bread, cake, etc. when you aren't used to it.
I cannot wait to go home and crash into bed!
I feel like my stomach is all kinds of topsy turvy and I'm exhausted.
I feel like this day will never end.

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