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Friday, April 22, 2011

A Royal Invitation

So the usual bubbly happy positive Teagan would be all about the Royal Wedding.
I probably would have taken the day off work (from my temp job not my career job-that is a shoutout to you SoMidwestern!) and had a tea-party complete with hats and gloves and dresses.

I would have probably scoured all the details I could find.
I love the the idea of everything behind it.
Probably with a slightly childish dream of being a princess.

Then my world went dark.
I will soon tell the whole story of my fairybook wedding I was planning.
To the man I was already married too.
Confused?  Well you should be but it will all come out in MyExboyfriendProject.

I was obsessed.
Well likely because I had nothing to do at all.
Just hours of boredom.
So I planned every single detail of every single thing for the September 2011 wedding.

I dragged my parents to wedding shows (Spencer couldn't come because he had his career in Florida and I was stuck in Canada awaiting my spousal/fiancee visa).
It was a mix of do-it-yourself and some over the top aspects.

My dad and I soon started the tradition over June through September of watching Say Yes to the Dress and Four Weddings on TLC every Friday night.
And then everything came crashing down.

I had to cancel all the vendors.
I remember when we booked everything thinking...gee that is terrible that they have to include cancellation policies...never thinking I would be the one to use it.

I had to make the decision to keep the wedding dress or not? (it was 75% paid for).
When I went to the Wedding Shows I had labels made up of our information so that I didn't have to fill out ballots.
I wanted to win us free honeymoons, and photography etc.

Instead all I got was put on a zillion wedding email spam lists.
So now I get DAILY emails of all the things I'm NOT planning for.
I keep trying to delete and insert filters but still get emails that sneak through daily.

So when the Royal Wedding was announced I avoided everything about it like the plague.
But the last few days it has been everywhere.
And I have to admit I love Kate Middleton's style.

I think she is beautiful and smart and elegant.
So now I'm slowly getting pulled in though it makes my heart ache for what I don't have.
So for now I will safely just admire her fashion.
And maybe just maybe I will watch the Royal Wedding...though I'm still undecided....but maybe.

Here are some of my FAVOURITE of her outfits...enough to make me crave an Issa dress of my own.

The Blue Issa Engagment dress is a DREAM!  Beautifully wrapped I am in love!

The Ivory Engagment Pic Dress is also Gorgeous...

It doesn't hurt to have a FABulous body.  I love white bikinis.

What a coincidence...a Burberry Trench (still saving for mine).

Yesterday she was out shopping in this black dress.  Classic and beautiful.

Of obsession that all started with Taylor in the South...HATS!!!

And my new favourite...Fascinators...I wore one to my own pseudo-wedding.  I'm secretly hoping Kate wears one to her's.  I wore one to Jane's wedding in October and am contemplating wearing one to Eva's wedding next month.  I think they are so formal and fun.

(above is actually her sister I think).

So that is my fashion round up of Kate Middleton... my newest style love.


  1. I have no idea what I was watching when someone said this (wow look at my memory) but yesterday I heard someone say that with all the negativity going on in the world, it's nice to take a breather and get a look into this beautiful couple and their love filled happiness. I know you're slumped and jaded in the wedding/world of love right now, but maybe you can look at it that way. Just a little bit!? And maybe it can be a little glimmer of hope that that much love and happiness can happen to you too someday! (;

    (I sort of think it was Reese Witherspoon on Ellen yesterday)

    Keep your chin up lady (:

  2. Hang in there lady! I'm convinced that one day soon you will get your fairytale ending too! :)

  3. Thanks for the shout out, pumpkin! This will be a wedding filled week - that's for sure. Appreciate it for the fashion and remember that you're going to have that kind of love, too. xoxoxo

  4. @Thisisme- Wow what a great way to look at it! Definitely going to take your advice.

    @AnEarly30- Thanks keep that hope alive for me until I get it back ;)

    @A- No problem...good call to focus on that fashion etc. One day here's hoping :)