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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Out of a Mother's Mouth...

So in weird mum news today...

My mum called me at work...yea I think it's her favourite because I can't "not" answer the phone seeing as I'm the main receptionist for trafficing phone calls.
She called to see if we were going to Mommy and Me Yoga tonight.
I haven't gone at all this week because I'm pretty sure I have strep... or mono (THAT would be totally worth it though...I will take a moment to pause and think of my makeout session with the chef...okay moving on)...

Then she lets me know that ANOTHER relative just bought a house in Florida.
I didn't even know they were looking for houses in Florida.
These are the parents of the girl who is getting married next month in the same wedding venue as we were going to use...the girl who's bridal shower I went to (read here) and her bachelorette party is this weekend (which I feel like I have to go to because her wedding is the same day as Eva's and I can't go...and I'm secretly really happy because I would suffer through a wedding with the same venue AND ballroom as I had joyously picked out with Spencer).

And then my mum told me that yet ANOTHER relative put in an offer on a place this morning in guessed it Florida.
I just replied "that's nice".
I mean am I supposed to say.
I LOVE how you keep rubbing it in my face.
I love thinking about my "almost" life in's awesome (desparately need a sarcasm font).

Then she says that my dog is acting all wierd.
They have been looking after him since I left him there while I was away at Eva's Bachelorette party until Monday night.
I have purposely left him there because I have felt really sick these last two nights.
First I thought it was just that I can't handle a drinking/unhealthy eating weekend but now I think I got strep from Eva (who had a horrible infection this weekend).

My parent love my dog and sometimes it is me trying to be nice that I leave him there.
So my mum tells me how she made my dog an omelet for breakfast this morning (I swear!)
My dad told me this morning that last night they went for a long walk and my dog loved it.
So my dog is getting totally spoiled and I know they love having him there.

Here is the weird start of the story...
My mum tells me that there is something funny going on because my dog won't let my dad sleep on the couch (which is typical for him after a long day at work).
When this happens my dog starts to cry and whine at my dad until he wakes up.
If my mum or grandma falls asleep he doesn't do it.

Here comes the creepo story...
THEN my mum launches into a story of previously undisclosed information.
The day my uncle passed away (in 2009) I was living in Singapore and my parent had my dog with them (I didn't want to put him through quarantine in Singapore).
That whole day my dog would just sit at my dad's feet and cry.
My dad would pick him up and he would just burrow into him and as soon as he would put him down he would cry and whine.  This went on for 10 hours+!!!
SOOOO the conclusion is my mum thinks there is something "wrong" with my dad and my dog knows something about this...basically insinuating something may "happen" to my dad.
Which freaks me out totally.

You see because my mum is "always right".
She usually tells me after the fact.
She tried to "warn me" because Spencer was close to his family and I was apparently a "nothing" to him (before we broke up she tried to tell me that I should be careful and walk on eggshells because if I was my normal self his family wouldn't like me and therefore he would leave me...and he did ultimately in the she is "right").

Now there are some pretty spooky and odd instances where she has "called things".
And there is a story amongst my family that my mum went to the best psychic ever who told her all about my life but my mum refuses to tell me anything about it becuase apparently the psychic has been 100% guessing about both Jacob and another Ex. (which is what she DID tell me), and my work path and everything about me pretty much.
She has told other people the things that have already occured and it freaks THEM out and it is isn't even about THEM!
This freaks me out.

I do recognize it is also easier to call out negative consequences
if you just take a negative pessismistic view of EVERYthing.
So I'm kind of freaked...I hope there is nothing wrong with my dad.
I hope my dog doesn't have some kind of weird clairvoyant negative news reception going on.
And if I hear about Florida one more time today I'm going to scream!

Something feels "off" today maybe it is the weird weather rainy cold weather.
Maybe its because I feel like I'm sick with strep...or mono haha.
Hmmm I know I didn't work on Monday...but I'm kind of considering being sick tomorrow and not coming into work which would make a Royal Wedding Party by myself extra fun.
Hmmm maybe I could prolong it into skipping the Bachelorette party this weekend.
What a weird creepy day...


  1. Okay, first of all, I want you to know that my sister always felt the same way you did about Florida growing up. I remember her telling me over & over how she wanted to live in Florida. And remember, we grew up in Central NY, not really all that far from where you are in Canada. So, similar cold, awful weather. Then she did move to Florida. And for awhile, she loved it. Then, slowly, she started to get tired of it. Eventually, she grew to hate it. It might depend where in Florida you end up, but she felt that it was either full of old people or people who were just stuck. There were really no "young professionals." If you grew up there & went to college, you didn't return. She had trouble relating to people. So in the end, the great weather didn't make it as amazing a place as she thought it would. They just left Florida for a new job in Alabama, and she's already happier. Expect for almost getting flattened in yesterday's tornado! So I guess my point is that maybe, just maybe, you might not have loved living in Florida as much as you think you will. Just trying to make you feel slightly better!

    And weird about your mom & dog. My mom also has that weird sixth sense going on & it freaks me out a bit too.

  2. @Liz- I've never heard a story like that. That is exciting to hear about another place though (obviously minus the tornado yesterday!) Maybe I wouldn't have loved it least it is something to consider. It just seemed like for once in my life everything was ending up PERFECT in every possible way...then it got taken away with what seemed like not even a second thought. Sixth sense thing is totally wigging me out! Sometimes do you tell her you would rather not know? That's kind of what I feel like. xo