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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Ramblings

Soooo it's not even 10:12 am and the Florida count is right up there again.
Seriously...getting annoyed.
One could also suggest that because I'm sensitive to "Florida" I pick up on it quicker or pay more attention to it.
This weather blows it is freezing here...which just does not do anything for me. 
I am NOT a cold weather person which just puts me into a further funk.

So the count so far today is three comments/reminders.
1. One of the people that does business with this business (and comes to this office at least once a day) leaves for Florida tomorrow.
2.  The person trying to decide on a house is still trying to decide which of two vacation homes to purchase before their trip there this weekend (someone who works in this office).

3. Then one of my fab office jobs is entering in time sheets of employees.
These time sheets are printed on scrap paper from old faxes usually.
I gather all "scrap paper" and print off these sheets.
As I enter the times sheets I flip them over into a little pile.
So of course I'm going through them at a rapid pace and happen to glance over at my entered pile and what do I see...

Seriously i?!?!?! This is like some serious cosmic force reminder?!?!?!
I'm beyond annoyed at this point.
At the weather, at what happened with Spencer, at the prospect of meerly settling with everything in my life.

Then I've been secretly looking at international job postings while ignoring all the local postings (like I wrote about yesterday).
I'm stumped on what to do.
I would piss off a lot of people by leaving here...but every single cell in my body is screaming to leave Canada.


  1. Keep your head up, girlie! And listen to your gut.

  2. Hang in there - it will get better one of these days! :) And I agree with A - you need to listen to your gut, not what other people want you to do. It's your life so go live it!

  3. Here's a third vote for listening to your gut. You're not living your life for those other people - you're living it for you. What is best for you and what you want is the most important thing!

  4. @A- Good point. I never thought about what my gut was saying.

    @AnEarly30- Hmmmm interesting about the gut thing...I guess I'm kind of afraid that my gut has not exactly made great choices before...

    @pinksundrops- Thanks funny how you all are agreeing...I guess my biggest issue is to trust my gut when it has led me so wrong before. Staying here would be the opposite of what I want but leaving has always come back to hurt me in the end. Not sure what to do...