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Monday, April 18, 2011

Just another manic Monday...

So how is your Monday going?
Mine?  Well it is snowing...and I'm really tempted to include a "when someone mentions Florida to me so it feels like salt in a wound" counter on my blog.

Today various comments include...
"Wow we should all move to Florida this weather is crazy"
"Is this the weather you missed about Canada?"
"Wow it has been 6 months of miserable weather here when I was in Florida it was so nice and warm"

"I can't wait to go to Florida next week because this weather is awful"
"I'm having a really hard time picking between these two homes in Florida...take a look tell me what you think"
These are from five different people...all before noon...seriously.

And I just plaster a fake smile on my face and nod in agreement all the while feeling like I've swallowed a spoonful of vinegar.
Clearly I'm not going to get a lot of "work" done today...

Seriously...could these people please fall in love with a state besides Florida?
This weather just makes me so freaking miserable.
I don't know what to do except look at international opportunities (besides the USA because that is proving to be impossible for me).

Here's what is available on my brief look this morning.

Dededo, Guam

~ looks is a US territory not sure how that would work for visa's etc...hmmm major US military base...better NOT go there...Spencer turned out way more HurtLocker/StopLoss than DearJohn if you catch my drift (total movie references)...maybe I should stay away from military men.

Quito, Ecuador

~ hmmm doesn't seem quite the place to go for me.  I need more metropolitan...why did I leave Singapore again?

Rzeszow, Poland

~ hmmm I think it snows there too...and wait are they seriously offering that little money??? I make more at my piddly little reception job...good luck dude.

Trujillo, Peru

~ THAT could be cool and I always wanted to explore South America.  I know Taylor loved when she went there for a vacation...well I think it was Peru...better ask.

Madrid, Spain

~ hmmm I loved Barcelona last summer.  That could be a cool opportunity...explore Europe...hmmm going to star that one.


...wait...this is my old employer...looking for someone...weird...probably burned that bridge though...darn Spencer...I'm missing Singapore more than ever now :(

Just for pure torture many postings for Florida...8 darn it...I would be a perfect fit for any of those ohhhh and 16 in Cali!!!! Oh my gosh talk about a dream life!  Sigh...I wish I had these options.

How can I try this?...I could try for the lottery for greencard...and maybe with enough positive thinking I will get chosen :)  I could try and find an employer that would want to hire me guaranteed 6 months in advance (not likely).  I need to figure something out.

I think people will freak out if I leave again or as my friends like to say "run away again".  So maybe I should just disappear (totally kidding...well not totally kidding exactly).  If I was the type ready to settle down etc.  then I "get" staying in Canada but as I glance outside at the snow coming down I think...this can't be "it".  So today's efficient work day has me at this "count"  ...
job postings examined outside of Canada 30...Job postings examined in Canada 0.

I wish I won the lottery so that I could return to school (and obviously I would return to school in a Southern State)...I've already looked into it but I wouldn't qualify for student loans except if my parents co-signed and let's just say they won't (for the second time).  Or had the 100K to invest in a business (which basically also gets you a visa in the US).  Ultimately I would like to teach (in a graduate school of my profession) but I'm not sure how the schools feel about hiring a foreign teacher (too much of a pain in the butt versus non-foreign is my guess). feels like the odds are against me.  I know EXACTLY what I want but I feel like there are too many barriers.  I think I will have to write a post about exactly what I want like my girl Taylor who did that and not that far down the road can now check off her complete list (yea!)...maybe that is what I need to do...


  1. It seems silly but I didn't realize until just now that it snows EVERYwhere in Canada in the winter and there is no warm place to live there. I understand your frustration a LOT more now that I realize that. I very much dislike being cold too - even Santa Cruz gets chilly to me (though after ten years of being in sweltering hot weather, I'm kinda okay with Santa Cruz's chilly evenings). Living someplace where it's cold and snows regularly isn't on my list of to dos at all either.

  2. @pinksundrops- there is a reason I haven't lived here for 8 years!!! And 95% of that reason is weather. I HATE being cold. There are good things about Canada but right now all I see is that it is cold, and everything is expensive (gas, homes, clothes, everything!), etc. I just feel like I don't fit in here at all. I need to figure out a plan of action though and quit my whining.

  3. There are a lot of barriers. It's just so complicated! I'm sorry that I can't just be easier. (Or that Canada doesn't own some tropical island for you to live on!) Maybe it can still happen, eventually. Don't give up on the dream.

  4. @A- You're right I'm not going to give up...I just have to figure out a way how...