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Friday, April 29, 2011

Fairy Tale Weddings and Happy Endings

I admit it I got totally sucked in.
And you know what it didn't really bother me that much.
(In terms of my own failed wedding).

It was fun and silly and I felt happy...snuggled in bed watching things unfold.
It wasn't the usual social party I would typically have for this kind of event.
But I enjoyed it.

Boy did I enjoy David Beckham holy hotness! 
Do I ever L-O-V-E the morning suit.
Seriously way way WAYYYY sexier than a tux.

And Victoria Beckham I mean fantastic does she look pregnant?!

The ever joyful Elton John (who's husband is Canadian!)

How fun was it that the Queen wore definitely evoked happiness to me
and made it easy to spot her.

Prince Charles and Camilla...she was rocking a pretty great hat too!

Way to go socialite look phenomenol!

Celebrities (Victoria), Socialites (2nd and 3rd from left) and Princesses (the two on the right) and HATS!  I LOVE HATS!!  Seriously how fabulous are these?!

Kate's mum arriving (great hat) and her brother who is looking pretty hot!

How cute are her and her dad?

Her and her sister Pippa.  I was a little surprized at the light ivory/creamy hue of her sisters dress.  However I thought they both looked GORGEOUS!

I thought her dress was PERFECT for the occasion.  Formal and beautiful and classic.  I loved her earrings.  I'm secretly dying to see what shoes she wore.  I thought the veil was airey and light and so pretty.  I appreciated the tiara being elegant just like her.  Rumor had it she had padded the hips to make her tiny waist seem even tinier!  Her bouquet was small (compared to others) but I loved that because it didn't overwhelm her small frame. 

Some say her inspiration was Grace Kelly which is one of my favourite "Royal" Dresses of all time (even though personally I'm not a lace fan I thought it was GORGEOUS!)

How cute are the flower girls and pages?  Box pleats...seriously I die!  I love box pleats...these kiddos are just about the cutest things ever.

Look at those handsome boys waiting.  Harry certainly is a heartbreaker!  So good looking.

Like I said before...she is just STUNNING!  What a beautiful woman.  Definitely a style icon...and someone who basically I know if she wears it I will like it (in general!).  I just found out this morning (reading a random article) that Burberry jacket I posted (here) about sold out within 24 hours!

Probably the best part of the whole thing is how happy they look together.

The famous balcony kiss.  My favourite part was how she blushed immediately after.  To me it was the most real and genuine moment of the whole thing.

And I will secretly admit I also watched Will and Kate the Lifetime movie last night when it re-aired (I missed the first airing in Canada because I was too busy making out with the chef at Eva's Bachelorette Party!).
I loved it.
What a great guilty pleasure.
Seriously here is the had everything I love about Lifetime movies...drama and love and finally a happy ending.

Overall what a great ESCAPE from reality.
I loved it.

Pics from here, here, here, here and here.

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