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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eva's Bachelorette Party Weekend (aka The Long Version of the Weekend Update)

This past weekend was Eva's Bachelorette Party Weekend.
It was seriously the most fun ever!
It was jam packed with activities that were so much fun.

There was none of the usual "bachelorette party" debauchery.
Those kind of things really aren't us girls' cup of tea.
So there was no strippers/bar games/etc.

Shelby and I drove together to Niagara-on-the-Lake.
We started off with some pre wine tasting snacks and sangria in the car.
Well not "in" the car but a snacks out the back of the trunk.

Then we went on a 90 minute wine tour and tasting in Jordan Ontario at Cave Springs Vineyard.
It was great tasting wines and learning all about the process.
Outside Cave Springs Cellars

So cute the line of buildings in Jordan Ontario.

This room is perfect for weddings they host here.

Let the wine tasting begin!

Then we headed to Balls Falls which is kind of appropriate for a bachelorette party 
(no...seriously the park is called Balls Falls here is the link).
To have an afternoon picnic with all of Eva's favourite foods.
There was cheese, cheese ball, hummus, crackers, squares, cookies, fruit, veggies, sangria, wine, etc.

She said she would be happy if this is all she ate forever and ever... it is her favourite kind of food (mission accomplished!)
After that (and as if we weren't full of cheese etc.) We stopped by the Upper Canada Cheese Factory.
Where we sampled (and purchased) more cheese!
It was such a cute store.

When we were all completely stuffed we then went to the house we had rented for the weekend.
It is called Regent House and it was built in 1832.
Clearly newly renovated and it was BEAUTIFUL.
It was perfect for 9 of us.
All 5 bedrooms had ensuite bathrooms!  Which is key with 9 girls haha. 
And the kitchen was too die for!
I took pictures of every single room because it was so beautiful.

I loved the front door knocker!

The outside of our house on the cutest street ever in Niagara-on-the-Lake

See the couch on the left...its great for making out.

Dining room.

Loved this buffet in the dining room.

Eva's suite for the weekend!

It had a romantic fireplace.

Eva's ensuite bathroom.

Kitchen from one side...I loved those chairs.

Kitchen before we destroyed in Sunday night.

The main living room off the kitchen.

Patio!  And the weather was perfect for hanging out there :)

Loved the light fixture and how girly this room was.

Upstairs hallway...seriously how amazing is this house.

Such a pretty mirror in the hall.

My favourite room of the house...loved the black and white damask and the lamps were awesome!

Loved the inside of this lamp...I have never seen this before and it was so pretty it up!

Loved the fleur-de-lis stand!

After all settling into the house we sat on the patio and drank copious amounts of wine.
We covered a variety of topics everything from the Jersey Shore to Politics.
Then Quinn, Val and I went inside and prepared dinner.
We had ravioli/spinach lasagna, cheesesticks, and a big greek salad.
We had dinner and then for dessert Quinn had made a cake (yes the requisite penis cake but not graphic).
We had a giggle because our girl Quinn had come up with this all on her own.

Then we had another big round of Minute to Win It challenges.
We did have dirty sounding names to them.
And we get a little competitive.
We did these types of games for Quinn's birthday back in January (you can read about that here).  Jane and Val had come up with a whole new set of games.
And yes we are that competitive that there was a sign and scoreboard.

The teams were Sexy Socks, Posh Princesses, and Bandana Beauties (which corresponded to the team "accessories" that were (pretty easy to guess) pink socks, pink crowns or pink bandanas.

Here was the breakdown of all the fun games. 
We were in fits of giggles at everyone trying to complete the tasks.
These minute-it-to-win-it games are fantastic because they rotate through quick given they are 60 second time limits.
We "bacheloretted up" the names of the games to be all gross and suggestive.

First up "Thrust it Out"~ you had to use the yo-yo tied to your waist (not using your hands) to try and drag a marshmellow as far as one got it past the first line but we all managed to giggle hysterically.

Second was "Down and Dirty" ~ oops no picture...basically there was 5 height levels of plastic cups (think something on coffee table, something on shoebox, something on get the idea) that you had to pick up with your teeth only (no hands) and you couldn't put your knees or hands down on the ground and you had to carry the cups to the coffee table.  There was one 4cm high cup on the floor!

Third was "Prick and Flick" ~ You had to use a toothpick to "prick" a marshmellow and toss it over head as many marshmellows as you can in 60 seconds  It is harder then it looks.

Fourth was "Dirty Ball Sack"  ~ using a ball in a pair of pantyhose your teammates had to direct you (because the thick pantyhose was a blindfold too) to knock over 8 "pins" (waterfilled plastic beer bottles).

Finally, their was "Rim Job" ~ this was a drinking had to down a shot using only your mouth and then flip the cup over...kind of a hands free flip cup game.

The winners were Eva's group the Posh Princesses which was perfect.
Here they are modeling their prizes!

Before we knew it it was 1am and we were all exhausted!
So we all headed to bed.

We had a wakeup call at 10am and breakfast was already on the table.
It was a huge veggie friatta, fruit, yogurt, muffins, coffee and tea.

Yummo breakfast!
Then at 11am our yoga instructor arrived at the house.
This is the point where my camera battery died so if I get more pics emailed to me I will update this post.

We did an awesome hour of yoga.
We did a lot of partner yoga which is something I've never done and found so much fun.
After that we got ready and headed to the Pillar and Post Spa.
We had scheduled Eva a massage.
Some of the girls went for a walk downtown and Val, Shelby, Jane and I got a day pass to the spa.
So we spent the rest of the afternoon in the heated indoor pool, hot tub, outdoor hot springs, steam rooms and saunas.
It was heavenly and we all left very relaxed and rejuvinated (and slighly buzzed from some amazing mimosas).

We then headed home for a food and wine pairing with a chef at the house.
We walk in the door and I'm like HOLY MOLY this chef is so so soooooooooooooo cute.
He is totally "my type"...he was a rugby player (awesome legs and butt) and built like a "firehydrant" (thick and stocky) which is how I describe the boys that I like that are very clearly gym guys in great shape and ummm hello he's a chef...that alone is a pretty quick way to my heart.
So I tried to keep my opinion on how cute he was to myself.

The poor chef had NO idea what he was about to get into with us girls.
We were in rare form Sunday night.
Mostly because we had been sipping cocktails all day.
I think he was having a good time and we did our best to participate and pay attention.
Funny story how we had hired him.
Quinn sutured him in the ER a few weeks back and that is how she found us a private chef for that night!

So he started off teaching us different techniques.
He made the most delishious cocktail to start that was vodka, lemon simple syrup and lychee liquor.
We made fresh spring rolls (ricepaper with veggies and a special Hoissan saunce), then we had a goat cheese with 3 different mushroom brushetta topping, we made pork dumplings, we made a pear chutney and then we kept drinking and so did the chef.
We were having a fantastic time.
What is better than gourmet cooking and cocktails?!

We made him guess what our professions all were.
It was hysterical.
I was the first and only one he guessed before he gave up.
He totally pointed at me first (I felt myself blushing)...YES he noticed me!! and he guessed I was in sales (wrong but I guess I should take that as a compliment???)
I felt like my crush was becoming more evident as I deligently took notes and asked questions and asked him to flambe something.
Only I didn't call it flambe I asked if he could "please light something on fire."
What can I say I was hammered.

I finally cracked and instead of just keeping it to myself I whispered to Shelby "holy crap I have the HUGEST crush on our chef!!!"
Well it probably took all of 5 seconds for that little tidbit of info to circulate amongst the girls. 
Before you knew it I can see them making kissy faces behind him as I turned beat red.
I was a complete puddle of a school girl crush mess.

I don't even know who or how it was suggested to go down to the pub but we all did (with the chef in tow).
And before you knew it there was tequilla shots and other various things.
When the bar closed we all headed home...and the chef did too.

I was helping him clean up in the kitchen and before I knew it it was just us two alone in the kitchen (thank you girls!).
And then he came up behind me...I could feel him put his hands on my waist first...then he wrapped his arms around me and he turned me around and he tilted up my face and kissed me!!!
It was wonderful and fantastic and we eventually moved to the couch...actually let me rephrase that...he picked me up and carried me to a couch (which is why I love strong guys... swoon! they make me feel tiny and girly) where we made out until 4am!!!

I wish I could say I remembered our conversations etc.
I have not been that drunk in forever.
I'm not usually one to black out (and I didn't) but the details are certainly fuzzy.
Like I don't know if I mentioned any of my Spencer Saga (gosh I hope NOT!)
I teased him a lot saying he probably did this (ie. make out on a couch after a cooking demonstration) all the time...he denied it.
All I wanted to do was make out and in fact I wore my black trench coat the whole time
(he probably thought I was a total weirdo!)

I do recall him teasing me and saying something along the lines of he could have (ummm this may be cringeworthy) satisfied me 4 or 5 times by the time we both realized it was nearing 4am and I told him I was just shy and wasn't a girl that "moved fast".  Ummm hello I was still wearing my coat! 
Though he was driving me crazy (and I told him that he was killing me because he was SUCH a great kisser!)...but all we did was high school makeout on the couch.

It was great and playful and so freaking fun.
I really really really needed to be kissed.
He had to leave for work at 5am (the life of a chef I guess) so he got all his stuff ready and left shortly after 4.
So I blissfully crawled upstairs and into bed and fell fast asleep.

Monday  morning I woke up feeling less than stellar.
Wayyyyyy to much drinking Sunday night.
I'm glad I had my fun make out time though I don't think I will ever hear from him again :(
I really really wish I had given him my phone number (I didn't... at least I don't think I did...well I'm sure if he really wanted to he could find it out.)

Eva thinks I should contact him (via his phone number from cards he had left for all of us in the kitchen at the beginning of the night).
I'm not so all seriousness what if I made a total fool of myself and what if he was bored the whole time...(see how I talk myself out of things?)
So do I try and contact him?
And if I do what would I even say???
I mean I guess I could reach out to him...ack I don't know?!
I do know that the whole time I felt good and finally like my fun self again.

Monday morning (yesterday) I felt so so so sick the whole drive home.
I could barely talk to Shelby the 2.5 hour long car ride because I seriously thought I would puke (I didn't though).
I had planned on heading into work yesterday afternoon but I felt so bad I just laid on the couch and felt sick.

This morning I still don't feel entirely great...holy long recovery time but I made it into work.
The price you pay I guess.
Totally worth it!
Is it bad that I'm secretely hoping he calls???

PS Not a single sign of the Emerald Eyed girl anywhere this weekend :)  Though the girls preemptively told me that it would be of greatest benefit to me to be the last one to get "married" because then I would get the best bachelorette and other parties because they will be perfected by then haha...I have to say this one was just about perfect.


  1. That sounds like the most perfect bachelorette, heck even a girls, weekend EVER. And oh my gosh that high-school make out sounds like HEAVEN. I miss the high school make out days where sex is "forbidden" and you don't go straight to it. Once you have sex, that's all over 'cause they don't work so hard for it haha!

    I am smiling so big for you right now!!

    And oh my gosh that house is such inspiration!!

  2. @pinksundrops- It was definitely a very fun weekend. I can't believe I kept my trench coat on the entire time...seriously he must have thought I was crazy! Well I guess that is better than being easy with a total stranger ;)