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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Biting the Apple

So my mum just called me at work.
She said that I needed to get my hair highlighted...I guess she isn't digging the ombre hair colour (I talked about the original conversation in this post here).
I simply said, "well I can't afford it right now"

She sighed deeply (and obviously) and then said
"well I will use a spa gift certificate for you".
I said "I still can't afford it".
She said, "it won't cost you anything"
And the voice in my head said...except your soul...(haha totally kidding).

So I bit...
I made an appointment for beginning of May.
Because I'm a shallow girl and I need to get my hair highlighted.

Thought it might just cost me a lot ...

Pic is the Evil Queen from Enchanted (surprize surprize one of my fav movies).