Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Jewelry Party in Pictures

I try to be like my girls who take awesome are some I snapped of the Party before everyone arrived (read the post here all about it). 

Glassware with wine charms :)

Ice Bucket

Veggies and Crackers...I loved her tray and serving dishes!

Cheese Plate


Chips and Salsa

Cupcakes and Squares...Gotta love my cousin because she loves anything Leopard Print!

Floral Centrepiece

Kitchen Table

Jewelry Set Up in Dining Room.

Little Girls Line from Stella & Dot.

It was a super fun afternoon.


  1. That is quite the spread! Gorgeous!

  2. @A- Yes there were so many pretty things that I was super tempted to buy :)