Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Departure adorable and perfect is this?!
This is their most recent departure from Buckingham Palace.
Driving themselves in a cute little convertible.

Want to know an "insider tip".
Courtesy of my family (who all grew up in South Africa and therefore very British)
The "L" in front of the car is what someone with a Learner's permit MUST display on their car.
Who knows if this is simply a joke from Prince Harry or what but that is the FIRST thing my family noticed.

I can't find a picture that I can download but the back license plate says: JU5T WED
How freaking cute is that???  You can see that pic here.

Best wishes to the happy beautiful couple!
Don't you just love love?


  1. How funny. I love weird bits of knowledge like that.

  2. @pinksundrops- funny right? I thought the L might stand for "London" or something along those lines :)