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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Yoga Diaries~Day One

Okay so yesterday I was a wreck about yoga (read here).
I was taking my mum to her first yoga class.
I even made it to buy skidless yoga towel and a non disposable water bottle (because this studio doesn't allow one use water bottles).

So we get ready and go to the studio.
Which is tiny but pretty awesome.
It is the first class I've been too where they had each little section marked off
(like a little bigger area than your mat).
And good thing too because every single space was full.
The instructor literally didn't have a spot and just did corrections/adjustments
and gave instructions which I actually really liked.

So we go in and my mum is already negative like it "smelled funny" in there etc.
Then she is talking about how her yoga pants (the ones I got her...the expensive Lululemon ones...ones that I don't have yet for myself...yea Target yoga pants!) were too thick.
So I let her get ready in the change room and go secure us spots together in the studio.
Thinking to myself this feels way hotter than when I met Eva for hot yoga.
Probably just because I was so stressed out.

I go back out and the instructor is talking to my mum explaining things outside the actual studio room.
Letting her know that sometimes hot yoga can be overwhelming or uncomfortable for some people so to go slow, drink plenty of water and if you feel dizzy/nauseous/lightheaded then just lay down and drink water becuase exciting the studio can be too shocking on the body.  I'm looking at my mum's face during this as she looks kind of perturbed actually.  Oh well here goes nothing.

So I show my mum our spot and we lay down in Ashananaya (is what it sounds like to know when you lay down and relax and get used to the heat...the preheating (like when you are baking something) phase).
I couldn not is what was racing through my mind...

Okay here we go...Hot yoga with mum.
(glance over at my mum who is beat red already and kind of when someone blows air up at thier bangs...not due to a health concern (I wouldn't take someone with uncontrolled blood pressure etc to hot yoga obviously)...anywho she is huffing and it is because she won't use the head band to pull her bangs off her forehead...does she realize no one cares about how they look in hot yoga)...whatever...I take a deep breath in and try to relax my shoulders.
Okay I'm here and it is about me and practicing yoga.
(My mum sits up to wipe her face and drink water...and huffs).
Okay Teagan just breath and relax.
Is that guy setting up DIRECTLY in front of me really wearing a speedo???
Yup...weird even when I did yoga in Bali and Singapore I never saw anyone do class in a speedo.
I can't believe Jacob messaged me AGAIN on the way to yoga.
He said I must be excited to start my work in Canada soon...said and then said "Canada's hottest (fill in the blank with my profession)"  I find myself smiling at this...wait I shouldn't smile this guys has a fiancee...that is some bad karma you are bringing yourself Teagan.
Just focus on breathing...okay breathing in and out letting my shoulders go heavy then my elbows then my fingers then my hips then my kn...okay my mum is fussing around again wiping face and drinking water...she must hate this relaxation thing...this is probably the first and last time for her doing yoga...crap another birthday gift foiled...okay center where was I oh yea breathing letting my knees go heavy then my ankles now just breathe...when is this class going to start I've been Ashananaya-ing forEVER.
Okay just this class is really full...still haven't heard from Spencer...what a jerk...I can't believe him...I really should get on the lawyer/separation/divorce thing soon as I save the intial $2000...I wish I didn't blame myself...maybe if I had started hot yoga when I was first stressed out...maybe...gosh I need to stop thinking about's over and it was a HUGE costly mistake...I have to just be that divorced girl and try to explain it one day if someone ever wants to be with me again...oh gosh did I just huff too?  Okay focus on breathing...FINALLY the instructor is starting class...

As I went through all the movements...downward cobra...warriors and unicorns and plows and harths or something...wheelbarrows maybe...and whatever else you do.  The instructor was amazing and really helped my mum a ton.  She did okay but looked angry the whole time...oh well.  I really enjoyed the class and there wasn't too much chanting (which I'm not really into anyway).  And before I knew it the hour was fact the preheating phase was probably the longest feeling part...Sort of like in Eat, Pray, Love when Julia Roberts can't clear her head for meditation...probably because I also suck at quieting my mind.

So then we leave and my mum starts...I should really be more prepared after 29 years.
"Teagan you have to dress really good because you will get sick going from hot to cold like this" (sure mum)
"Did you see that fat person in there...they must have really sweat a lot more" (cringe)
"The dressing room is too small we should leave our stuff in the front check in area.  I'm NEVER using the dressing room again there is no point" (nodding okay).
"It's not really a hard work out you just sweat because it's so hot in there" (umm okay)
"That one guy is disgusting who wears there underwear to work out" (it was a speedo but agreed kind of)

"You shouldn't drive this way (I was turning right)...go straight"  (and we proceed to drive right into the ALL the traffic of the OHL (kind of a step below NHL...which is hockey) PLAYOFF game that just let out)...making the drive all that longer.
"I sweat so much I'm going to have to wash my hair again today"
"These headbands suck they are hot because of this...what is this rubber?" (no mum it's silicon so they don't slip during yoga sigh)
"What language was the instructor speaking...I had no idea one it was weird" (I think it's Sanscrit)
You pretty much get the idea.

I miss going to yoga and driving home in silence.
I miss having my own place to
I did feel relaxed by the end of the class though it just was all "undone" by the time I got home.
Hmmm since this is $40 for 40 days package maybe I should try and do yoga for 40 days straight?
Hmmm it's an idea...lets see if I can just go 2 days back to back before I decide.
Maybe a ticker is in order.
Let's see...the next class I can go to is at 6:30pm today.



  1. I'm sorry the experience wasn't great, but it sounds like maybe you should try it out on your own and just bring your mom once in awhile. Even if she only goes once a week, that's probably still getting a pretty good deal for your money, and you can take advantage of it every day or every other day! :) Hang in there!

  2. I totally am taking your advice and just trying to realize that I can't control others "experiences"/make people happy all the time. I will take much more advantage of it and that's okay too :)

  3. I am so behind on your blog! But your attempt at quieting your mind is TOTALLY like mine whenever I'm at yoga. I wish it would come more easily. ...maybe if I took more classes?

    (My mom would drive me insane at yoga. Just sayin')

  4. @A-you are not behind in my blog I've just been blogging crazily way too many posts a day! The quieting the mind thing may never happen for me but I'll keep you posted haha. Yea not sure this calm environment is one that will be great for our interacting personalities...maybe something more along the lines of hand to hand combat would have been better suited?