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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chapter X-36: where it stops no one knows

Date: Tue, Jan 18, 2011 Did you really expect it to stop with that last message???

2:49 PM Jacob: hi

51 minutes
3:40 PM Jacob: zuzu

Gosh darnit does he HAVE to use my nickname?!?!?!
and here I cave...
3:44 PM me: Hi what's up?

maybe just MAYBE he will reiterate we shouldn't talk
FAT chance
3:45 PM Jacob: is Taylor still visiting u
3:46 PM me: No she left late last night :(
  We had the BEST time
3:48 PM Jacob: what did u do
3:50 PM me: We hung out with all the girls, ate at amazing restaurants in the distillery districts and entertainment districts, stayed at my fav toronto hotel, went to some museums, went to the spa for spa day, etc. All kinds of fun stuff :) now I miss her
3:51 PM Jacob: oh wow cool
3:52 PM me: maybe I will go visit her soon...
 Jacob: did u tell her we IM each other
3:55 PM me: Yes
 Jacob: what did she say
3:56 PM me: She wasn't surprized
 Jacob: why
3:57 PM me: That we talk she wasn't surprized
3:58 PM Jacob: why was that

3:59 PM me: Just based on knowing the two of us I guess
  So you tell like tim (one of his best friends) we talk?
4:00 PM Or IM
 Jacob: yeah i told some friends
  what did she have to say
  about it all
 me: What did they say?
 Jacob: im asking u
4:01 PM me: I asked you and I ALWAYS go first haha
 Jacob: i asked what she had to say

these are the games we play...who will open up first who will confess first you get the idea.
Also notice how weak I am I don't even bring up the last unanswered IM ...ughhhhh!
7 minutes
4:09 PM Jacob: ?
4:10 PM me: ?
  So what do your friends thin'
 Jacob: i asked u first
 me: That doesn't matter silly
4:11 PM Jacob: im curious
  what did she say
4:12 PM me: Taylor is not judgmental and will support all my decisions
4:13 PM Jacob: what did u tell her and yr thoughts
 me: Whay do your friends think first please
4:14 PM What
15 minutes
4:29 PM Jacob: brb client
12 minutes
4:42 PM Jacob: back
  what did u tell her about us talking
4:43 PM me: That we talked
4:46 PM What did you tell your friends?
5 minutes
4:51 PM Jacob: that we talked
  anything specific
4:52 PM me: What do they think about that?
4:53 PM Jacob: they just asked how you were doing and what you were up
  what did u and Taylor talk abt
4:54 PM me: Basically the same thing :)
4:55 PM Jacob: k
 me: K

I was NOT going to crack.
Plus Taylor thought he was unhappy and would always come back and try to communicate.
You see usually I am SO SO good about nipping things in the bud with him and keeping it short and to the point.
Actually that happens when I'm 1. happy in my life 2. Involved with someone else
4:57 PM Jacob: did u get to yr other computer

(gosh he really REALLY is getting insistant about that picture!)4:58 PM me: Haha no but this week I have to prob fri/sat though
  And I just ordered a new laptop no more super huge heavy laptop for me!
 Jacob: thats good
4:59 PM so i guess no email for me
5:00 PM me: What?
5:01 PM Jacob: no email of a pic of u

I KNEW he was going to ask about it I KNEW IT!5:02 PM me: That is on my desk top
  That I will get fri/sat :)
5:03 PM Jacob: did u tell Taylor u wanted to see me

uhhhh didn't he mean he wanted to see ME? me: Yes did you tell your friends?
5:04 PM Jacob: what did she say

again why the obsessive asking about what Taylor thought?  I mean I care about what she thinks but why does he care?6 minutes
5:10 PM Jacob: back what did u tell her abt seeing me
5:14 PM what would u do if u saw me

my my THAT was forward
7 minutes
5:21 PM me: What do you mean by that?

that seemed like a safe answer...let's see how to turn the tables back on him...5:22 PM What would you do?
  Did you tell your friends you wanted to see me?
 Jacob: just curious what u and Taylor say
 me: I'm just curious what you and your friends say :P
5:23 PM Jacob: well she just visited u and im sure u talked a bunch so just asking
 me: I can't ask too?
5:24 PM She thinks I'm an adult and really would support anything I do...she understands what our relationsip was before too etc
 Jacob: i was just asking what u said to her
5:25 PM me: That it had come up in convo about meeting up etc
  She more asks me questions about what I think
  She isn't "judgy"
5:26 PM Jacob: and what did u say
  i am leaving work now
5:28 PM me: K

So just like that, the conversation ended and I guess we are "talking" again.
Darnit I suck!
And what was up with his interest in what my friends thought.
So incredibly disappointed in myself.

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