Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not Sixteen

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Ever just have a cranky day.
Today was a cranky day.
After a very very incredible annoying and aggravating day at work...AND hearing from my parents that my dog is on the super big decline (I was on the verge of tears all day hearing how he is just essentially slowly dying) I was miserable....
So I chose to focus instead on counting down the hours until date sixteen with MrKent.

At the end of the work day my phone buzzed.
My eyes lit up when I realized it was a message from MrKent.
And as I pondered what to wear tonight...

It's a message that he honestly forgot he had this meeting.
And he can't get out of it.
Later followed by...

"I'm sorry for messing with plans.  
I feel really stupid.  
And you're really sweet!  
Obviously I get so excited at the thought of being with you, 
that I forget my own schedule.  
I guess I'll have to make it up to you in wine country"

Did I mention we are going to wine country next weekend?
Guess he'll have to make it up to me then.
I'm trying not to be such a grumpy girl about it.

I wished him well and told him it was okay.
And in all reality I totally understand.
Sometimes these things do come up.

And didn't I just say I need to be more bendy???
After all how could I let him know I just had the worst day ever?!
Because the last thing I want to do is guilt him about hanging out with me.
I just sort of had a sucky day.

And I just would much rather have spent the night with him.
Because he instantly makes me smile and laugh and have the best time.
Can't wait for actual date sixteen.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So after some fun filled new friend time (read here).
I thought I would really like to see MrKent again.
Probably a little ambitious of me seeing as I had seen him the night before.
But I figured what the heck.

So I suggested he come over for a sleepover so that we could do breakfast in the morning.
I know I'm SOOOO sneaky.

Plus I knew I had to be at the Sony Performing Arts Centre for an event at 1pm.
And that happens to be across the street from his place.

All in all it worked out great.
We had a super low key night of watching a movie and snuggling.
Gosh I certainly could get used to this.

One of my favourite things was in the morning.
He helped me do up the zipper of my dress.
I know I'm a total cheese ball.
BUT I think that is one of the most romantic things ever.

We headed downtown to O&B Cafe Grill for breakfast.
Having some delishious coffee.
I LOVE the atmosphere of this place.
Pic from here
And if it looks familiar its because Taylor and I went there for dinner on her 2011 trip to Toronto.

And before I knew it time had flown by yet again.
I headed to my event and he headed home to catch up on some work.

My view at the event...
One of my co-workers daughter was in a dance competition there.
It was a pretty cool and professional venue.
And it made me miss cheerleading competitions and the feel of that type of event.
I'm seriously missing that stuff for sure and I felt that tug again to coach.

I really enjoyed myself watching all the fabulous dance performers.
As I headed home I sent him a text asking him how his afternoon was going.
He replied with...

"less fun than yours.  
Though, I realized when I got home, 
despite having to do work on the weekend, 
we had such a good time 
that I won't remember doing work at all!  
So that's excellent! xoxo"

And that my friends is how you finish off an amazing weekend.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Making Friends

So tearing myself from MrKent Saturday morning was a necessity.
I need to keep the push on for making more friends.
And Laurel had invited me with 3 of her girlfriends to the beach.

Yes Toronto has a beach.
I was still shocked about this when MrKent and I went on date Thirteen.
So with a quick trip to the grocery to pick up a veggie tray and some cookies.
(I know I know ultimate lazy expense but I was pressed for time for staying in bed much too long!)

It's in the area known as The Beaches.
And it is on Lake Ontario on the more Eastern side of Toronto.

File:Beaches map.png
Pic from here

So I headed down to the beach.
Just a tiny one.
That gets very crowded.
Pic from here

And there is a boardwalk.
Filled with people walking their dogs.

Pic from here.

And there is beach volleyball if that's your thing.
And if it's at least usually supplies a little bit of eye candy.
MrKent plays beach volleyball so you understand my peaked interest ;)
File:Beach volleyball at Ashbridges Bay (1).jpg
Pic from here

We lay out in front of these beach houses.
Seriously they are the cutest ever and have a San Fran vibe don't they?

Pic from here  This link also gives you interior pics of the house...GORGEOUS!

So we had simply a lovely afternoon of cucumber sandwiches.
Brie and Prosciutto and my contribution.
And girl talk which was super duper fun.
I'm really excited to get to know another group of fun ladies.

They invited me to their British ExPat Pub Quiz that night.
Of course I jumped at the chance!
So we all headed home to freshen up before I headed back downtown to Scallywags.
Pic from here.

And though I'm not typically a pub fan.
The company and the fun made it great.
Especially because we WON the whole entire pub quiz!!!!

I would like to think I contributed at least a little bit when it came to the science questions.
Though I was hopeless at History and Literature and British TV theme songs.
Check out the loot we won!
I didn't know what half the things were but my Brit friends were rather excited...

 It took us all of two seconds to break into it all!

So excited to hopefully get to know this new group better :)
And hope to go on more of their nights out for sure!
And with the night coming to a close...
I felt a little more bold 

And decided to give MrKent a call...

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Friday for date fourteen.
I had a new dress to wear.
I really love getting all dolled up for MrKent.

He picked me up and we headed downtown to meet his two friends.
The ones we had dinner with for date twelve.
They are a super fun couple.

We originally headed to Bloke&4th because it was one of their friends birthdays.
Remember Bloke&4th?
It was where Taylor and I headed out for bottle service when she was here in January.
I was hoping we wouldn't run into anyone from my colleague crowd who tends to hang out there.
But we luckily ended up leaving there and heading to Lee.

MrKent took charge of ordering the Asian Tapas style food for us all to share.
He is absolutely phenomenal when it comes to ordering food.
He is definitely a foodie and he gets so excited about ordered and trying to come up with the best order possible whenever we go out.
I find it so endearing and it makes me excited too!
We sat on the patio in this perfect spring time weather.

We started off with some cocktails.
I had the lychee bellini.
It was delish and refreshing.

We had two bottles of white.
From a label I was unfamiliar with.
Red Tractor.

It was the perfect blend of Riesling and Gewurztraminer for a warm spring patio night. 

Pic from here

Then the amazing food began.
We had ...

The Singapore Style Slaw (this is the signature dish here).
One of my signature dishes, Singapore Slaw features 19 different ingredients including edible pansies, daikon, tropical ginger, pickled onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, daikon sprouts, cilantro sprouts, toasted sesame seeds, red onion, rice vermicelli, crushed roasted peanuts, fennel and hazelnuts. It’s crowned with a birds nest of taro and tossed with salted plum dressing. It’s a great hit. Everybody loves it. I’ve been doing that in my restaurant in Toronto the past four years – Susur Lee
Pic from here

The Spicy Crisp Tofu 
Golden sand, fresh basil, mushroom & pepper compote, wildflower honey soya chili glaze
I'm not a big tofu fan but this was incredible!
Pic from here
Spice crusted diver scallop26
Spiced Chinese sweet bean pesto, crispy bacon, squash puree, fresh grapefruit
Pic from here

Baked Asian pork & leek Dumpling16
Mushroom, reggiano, stew tomato, basil pesto (6 pcs)
The only one I couldn't find a pic for AND I think this was MrKent's favourite.
Top Chef green curry chicken28
Sweet pea polenta, butter almondine, spiced tomato jam, dried pineapple, chili mint
(Top Chef award winning dish-this dish earned the most points awarded ever in Top Chef history!)
Pic from here

The food was great and we even got to see Susur Lee himself in the restaurant.
I wish I had stopped him to ask for a photo.
But it all happened so fast...and I'm a bit chicken too.
We were all a little starstruck!
All in all we thought it was a great experience.

The only thing that had us kind of laughing was that the scallops dish was $26 and since it only came with 3 scallops the waitress asked if wanted to add an additional one.
We said sure (of course so everyone could have one).
And the ONE extra scallop was $13.
If we had known that we likely would have just ordered a second dish of it and had 6 scallops.
Oh well you live and learn I guess.
And really that was our only complaint of the evening.

Then the weirdest thing happened.
Since we were seated on the patio we were right by the sidewalk.
It was prime viewing location for people watching.

And who stumbled by all tipsy.

My work colleague and his mistress and his business partner I met with awhile ago.
(I wrote about it here).
Along with a gaggle of other young pretty girls in their 20s.
And I'm pretty sure they saw me.
As in I totally made direct eye contact with my work colleague.

Only I pretended not to see them.
I casually mentioned it to MrKent...after he noticed I got a little tense and uncomfortable.
Who made a hilarious joke about it...and made me feel instantly comfortable.
I like MrKent for that...he can instantly calm me.

It also made me think.
THAT could have been my Friday night.
Pretending to enjoy a trendy packed club.
While the mistress and the other young girls snorted things in the bathroom.
Artfully trying to dodge inappropriate touches from the work colleague and his buddies.

Instead... THIS was my Friday night.
And I'm so incredibly happy about that.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

one two eight

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Last night I spent a few hours catching up with Taylor with some FaceTime.
Gosh I miss my beautiful friend!
It was so fun gossiping and catching up...and planning the Labor Day trip.

I'm THISSSSSSSSSSSS close to booking it.
SO so so so so incredibly excited to head back to Dallas.
For the first time since November 2008!
Has it already been that long???

I miss my best friend.
The person who thinks it's perfectly normal for us to spend two and a half hours getting ready to go out.
And the next day we can turn around and be ready in 20 minutes!
The laughs we share greatly out number the tears we've shed.

The girl who gets me and pushes me to be better.
But doesn't criticize me for my faults.
Someone that is such an inspiration to me.

And most important of all.
We treat each other like we actually care about each other.
She is a sister to me in so many ways.
I can't wait to see her in the Dallas airport and to spend a few days with her and her growing family!!!

Too early for an official count down but just in case...
One hundred and twenty eight days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thirteen- Victoria Day

Thirteen was a little complicated.
I need to relax a little bit and stop worrying so much.

Thirteen was holding my breath waiting for MrKent to confirm plans 
He made time for me though he had a ton of other stuff going on (work related).

Thirteen was an awkward kiss hello in the car.
Awkward enough for me to try it again...he still makes me nervous for the record.

Thirteen was catching a street car to Ashbridges Bay Beach to see Victoria Day Fireworks.
Leaning into MrKent and feeling like I fit so perfect.

Thirteen was watching the fireworks explode overhead.
For the first time in a LONG time within someones arms...which is just lovely.
Pic from here

Who else was there at Ashbridges Bay Beach??? these Royals.
Pic from here
Thirteen was us walking hand in hand along the beach after the fireworks finished.
Me listening to him and his observations that make me giggle and what I find so endearing about him.

Thirteen was me over thinking things.
And him not even realizing the train of thoughts streaming in my head at a frightening pace.

Thirteen was the cool feel of the spring night take hold.
And having someone to snuggle into.

Thirteen was sparkling water afterwards on his couch.
Talking about anything and everything and me thinking...gosh this man is so darn attractive.

Thirteen was making out and more.
Me thinking he was laughing at me...apparently he wasn't laughing at me.

Thirteen was me making some silly statement.
That made me sound much more ummm experienced then I am...(insert blushing here).

Thirteen was me falling asleep in his car while he drove me home.
Him kissing me sweetly goodnight and saying something along the lines of even though it is a short week, Friday seems a little far away.

Thirteen was him texting... Just walking in the door.  Good night beautiful! xoxo
And this morning with ...Good morning sweetie!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Girl's Night- May Two Four

So I already told you here.
How the weekend started off in the most awkward way possible.
I stayed flustered for the next hour at least.

I got the girls set up with some cheese, bread, strawberries and wine 
from St. Lawrence Market.
Then busied myself tidying up my place.
Trying to keep my flustered self occupied.

I was so flustered I dropped my ironing board.
Which sent Jane, Brooke and Brooke's daughter into fits of giggles.

I couldn't believe my nerves!

We lazed around and watched Ramona and Beezus.
It was fun looking through magazines and catching up.
Then we painted our toenails...all in all a pretty fun girly afternoon.
I miss these afternoons.
I miss these girls.

Then we headed to Jane's brother's house.
To meet her newborn nephew.
Who was just the cutest thing ever!

Before we knew was after 9:30.
And we were losing Brooke's daughter fast.
She hit her wall of exhaustion.

So we headed to Pizza Libretto for some take out pizzas.
Pic from here

Just like on this date with MrKent!
We got the 

Ontario Prosciutto (tomato, basil, mozzarella ) ..... $16
House-made Sausage (caramelized onion, mozzarella, chili oil ) ..... $16
Cremini Mushroom (bufala mozzarella , gorgonzola, roasted garlic , rosemary, thyme, pecorino) ..... $17

Pic from here, the Cremini pizza

And it was delish!
I highly recommend this place.
AND because these traditional pizzas are cooked in 90 seconds (at 900 degrees).
It is super fast take out.
Pizzeria Libretto danforth
Pic from here

So we opened some wine and gorged our selves on pizza.
Watching the first episode of The Bachelorette.
Before crashing for the night.

Sunday morning we woke up and got all dolled up.
Brooke's daughter and I wore matching pink bow headbands.
We first headed to Aunties and Uncles which was rated #1 by BlogTo.
Only they weren't open...which was both weird and annoying because they had no signage as to why or anything on the website.

So we quickly looked up the article once again and picked BlogTO's #3.
Saving Grace.
And boy were we glad we did.
Pic from here

We were a little worried when there was an hour wait.
(Mainly because we had a hungry 6 year old with us).
Luckily there was the cutest cafe across the street.

Loved the small detail's like the blue print on the coffee cups!

So we bounced across and got lemonades for us bow headband wearing girls.
And iced coffees for Jane and Brooke.
Which absolutely helped time fly by.

It definitely helped fill the time we waited.
Yup that's my new Lilly Pulitzer dress!

We were seated in the window seat.
Check out the menu.

All of us grownups got The Angela sandwich.
I asked for the tomato chutney on the side.
The girls wished they did too only because it was a little too sweet.
I thought the sandwich was AMAZING!
AND really that was the only critique.
It was a lot of food the sandwich came with a good size salad and roasted potatoes.
We all would definitely go back again.

So super cute...though only about 20 wonder it gets so jam packed!

Then we headed to Val's place downtown (Brooke hadn't seen it yet).
Before heading down to Harbourfront.
A really cool area on the lake.
Pic from here

They had a bunch of kids activities/shows...Circus themed this weekend.
Brooke's daughter had fun so that was important.
Pic from here

Pic from here...we did watch this fire juggler for a bit.
Before I knew it we had to head back to my place.

Brooke and Jane made plans with Eva and Quinn in Kingston.
So they had to get back on the road.

So umm I get what you're thinking (well probably).
No I didn't bring anything up about St.Patrick's Day weekend.
I know I should have.
But I was just enjoying the weekend so much with the girls.
I really really missed them and having a fun girly weekend.
Saturday night I totally crashed because I was just exhausted!
Plus I had plans with MrKent for a Monday night date...

Sunday, May 20, 2012


So Friday I had a really crazy day at work.
I really seem to be saying that a lot.

Nevermind...moving on to fun Date Twelve with MrKent.

He came to pick me up.
I wore my new JCrew dress from this post.
I also packed an overnight bag (just in case you wanted confirmation of that type of thing).

We headed to the Distillery District.
I've been a few times (once with Taylor's first trip here).
I love the old cobblestone streets.
Walking along there with the gas lamps.
It is just so romantic.
Especially on the arm of the sexy MrKent.
Pic from their website.

We decided on the Mill Street Brewery because Archeo was closed for a private event.
I was a BUNDLE of nerves because we were meeting two of his really close friends.
I was sort of worried.
Mainly because I really really like MrKent.
Anyway Mill Street Brewery was lively and full of energy and the perfect place to meet some of his friends for the first time.
Even if I was all shaky and nervous.

Pics from their website.

The ARE a brewery!

So they came and they were seriously the nicest couple ever.
We had a great time.
Plenty of laughs.
Time just flew by.

Afterwards they had an early morning so they called it a night.
That left MrKent and I to walk around downtown looking for a place for a nightcap.
I tried to pretend like I wasn't dying to know what his friends thought of me.
I get so worried about things like that.

As we were walking around we spotted a new Jack Astor's downtown.
Which is so not usually our type of place.
Partly because it's a chain (and why on earth would you go to a chain restaurant when you have all these unique fab places in Toronto to explore).
But it used to be a Tim Horton's and Wendy's and MrKent seemed so SO excited to check it out.

Pic from here

So we popped in.
And I will say we were pleasantly surprised.
No traditional Jack Astor's decor here (ie. no large cartoon chalk boards).

Even the servers were wearing more Toronto hostess type attire 
(ie. silly t-shirts kept to a minimum).
I couldn't find a single picture online of what it looked like.

So we had a nightcap before heading back to his place.
The next morning we lounged around until noon.
Before heading to Le Petit Dejeuner (that is French for "breakfast"). 

pic from here

Pic from here

A teeny tiny place near MrKent's condo.
Sort of looked like a hole in the wall.
Sparkly green single booths anyone???
Seriously I loved how fun they looked!

Pic from here

The food was delicious!
Some yummy coffee.
I had the 
Eggy Fried Bread: caramelized french toast with fresh fruit, maple syrup and chantilly cream 9.75

Pic from here

Mr. Kent had the 
Waffle Benny: like Eggs Benny without the English muffin, one egg only 11.50

I would definitely go back again.
Then we headed to St. Lawrence Market so I could pick up some cheeses and fresh strawberries for the girls visiting this weekend.
I love wandering the market with MrKent.
Seriously could not wipe the smile off my face!

We started to head back to my place.
Only I totally misjudged the time.
I thought I had another hour.
As we were driving up the highway...I got a message of "we're here" from Jane, Brooke and Brooke's daughter.
And I started to panic.

Because how could I have him drop me off and NOT meet the girls.
But I'm seriously the most AWKWARD person ever.
I think he could tell I was in full on panic mode in the car.

He's really amazing.
But at that moment I was panicking.
Panicking because of the last person my girls really met was Spencer.
And I just didn't think they would meet MrKent at this early point.
And I just became a bundle of nerves!
I was practically a wreck.

I think I mumbled something about "well I guess it's fitting that I met your friends last night you can meet some of mine today".
So we parked and I brought him into the lobby of my condo.

And then I remembered it all happened so fast!
I was in a daze.  

Jane gave me a big hug first, then Brooke's daughter than Brooke.
And I introduced them (awkwardly to MrKent).
And they said hi.
MrKent even shook Brooke's daughter's hand.
Someone made a joke about parking passes.
(I was just completely flustered and could barely put together a sentence!)
Then I *think* I made the suggestion to head upstairs.
BUT THEN I turned to MrKent and said, "so ummm are you going then???"
I am the most awkward person EVER!
SO he was like "yup sure".
And I went up on my tiptoes to kiss him goodbye.
Before furiously blushing and schlepping off to the girls.
Who were like "uhhhh where's he going???"
To which I just opened my mouth a few times (with nothing coming out)....which sent Jane and Brooke into a fit of giggles.
I was just so flustered.
And I stayed COMPLETELY flustered for the next 30 minutes to an hour.
Well I certainly totally screwed that up!

I then sent him a text saying "thank you for coming in to meet my friends I'm sorry if I made that totally awkward".
To which he replied "haha.   No problem.  Not at all!"
How sweet is he?!
Because that totally means yes you were completely awkward!

The girls found it absolutely hilarious what a flustered mess I remained.
I think it's because I really actually like MrKent.
And that is how I ended date Twelve in the most awkward way possible!