Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Thursday night.
Another day at work to be followed by a dinner date with MrKent.
I love that during the days that I know I get to see him I'm so excited.
I have the fun anticipation building all day.

And then to see him looking oh so cute.
Thursday he was looking gorgeous in a white shirt, navy blazer, and jeans 
(totally drool worthy!)
I love walking towards him...and can't help but break into a grin.
The sweetness in kissing him and whispering "hi".
Just is amazingness all around.

So then we walked downtown.
Hand in hand.
Picking where to go for dinner.

We decided on Osteria 55.

FKA (formerly known as) The Bowery.
It is a southern Italian restaurant.
All restaurant pics form here.
The Bowery quietly morphed into Osteria 55 a few weeks ago
I LOVE the chandelier in front!

It has a pretty cool atmosphere.
The Bowery’s large booth have been swapped for more intimate two-seaters
An eclectic mix of finishes.

They apparently have a basement bar (we didn't venture there this night but it looks really cozy!)

Some of The Bowery’s furniture is now part of the bar area in Osteria 55’s basement

We thought the wine cellar was simple and beautiful!

A table for large parties or communal dining

The wine cellar has been beefed up with Ontario, Italian and Californian wines

Gotta love the red subway tile in the kitchen.
Perfect for a fresh new restaurant.

The open kitchen on the main floor

I started off with Negroni (a cocktail).
Made me think Taylor would love it...a not too sweet cocktail of gin, campari, vermouth, and garnished with an orange peel.
Our server said it would be the best Negroni I ever had...but I had never had one before so that was hard to compare.

Introducing: Osteria 55
Pic from here.  I loved the red display case at the front.

We ordered an appetizer of scallops and greens.
Then we shared the asparagus risotto and the pork belly and tomato pasta.
All their pastas are made in house.

Asparagus risotto ($15): Ontario asparagus with parmigiano reggiano

Conversation is always just wonderful with this man.
He always has me giggling and is just smart and witty.
I literally enjoy every minute with him.

The only negative we thought was the service.
Because it is new...they wre super eager to clear our plates.
It happened no less than three times where we were like...umm we're still working it.
I love that we can take our time enjoying a meal together.
Well at least when the servers aren't constantly trying to yank away the plates.

Then we went back to his place for some tea.
Where he teased me about never wearing the same thing on any of our dates...asking 
"do you have a lot of clothes or something".
I joked that we may have to stop dating soon if I run out of outfits.

It was another perfect date.
And then he casually dropped this into conversation.
So for tomorrow I was thinking we would meet two of my friends for dinner/drinks.
Well I guess that is the next step.
Meeting some of his friends...which had me freaking out a little with nervousness.
To be continued...

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