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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not Sixteen

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Ever just have a cranky day.
Today was a cranky day.
After a very very incredible annoying and aggravating day at work...AND hearing from my parents that my dog is on the super big decline (I was on the verge of tears all day hearing how he is just essentially slowly dying) I was miserable....
So I chose to focus instead on counting down the hours until date sixteen with MrKent.

At the end of the work day my phone buzzed.
My eyes lit up when I realized it was a message from MrKent.
And as I pondered what to wear tonight...

It's a message that he honestly forgot he had this meeting.
And he can't get out of it.
Later followed by...

"I'm sorry for messing with plans.  
I feel really stupid.  
And you're really sweet!  
Obviously I get so excited at the thought of being with you, 
that I forget my own schedule.  
I guess I'll have to make it up to you in wine country"

Did I mention we are going to wine country next weekend?
Guess he'll have to make it up to me then.
I'm trying not to be such a grumpy girl about it.

I wished him well and told him it was okay.
And in all reality I totally understand.
Sometimes these things do come up.

And didn't I just say I need to be more bendy???
After all how could I let him know I just had the worst day ever?!
Because the last thing I want to do is guilt him about hanging out with me.
I just sort of had a sucky day.

And I just would much rather have spent the night with him.
Because he instantly makes me smile and laugh and have the best time.
Can't wait for actual date sixteen.

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