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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thirteen- Victoria Day

Thirteen was a little complicated.
I need to relax a little bit and stop worrying so much.

Thirteen was holding my breath waiting for MrKent to confirm plans 
He made time for me though he had a ton of other stuff going on (work related).

Thirteen was an awkward kiss hello in the car.
Awkward enough for me to try it again...he still makes me nervous for the record.

Thirteen was catching a street car to Ashbridges Bay Beach to see Victoria Day Fireworks.
Leaning into MrKent and feeling like I fit so perfect.

Thirteen was watching the fireworks explode overhead.
For the first time in a LONG time within someones arms...which is just lovely.
Pic from here

Who else was there at Ashbridges Bay Beach??? these Royals.
Pic from here
Thirteen was us walking hand in hand along the beach after the fireworks finished.
Me listening to him and his observations that make me giggle and what I find so endearing about him.

Thirteen was me over thinking things.
And him not even realizing the train of thoughts streaming in my head at a frightening pace.

Thirteen was the cool feel of the spring night take hold.
And having someone to snuggle into.

Thirteen was sparkling water afterwards on his couch.
Talking about anything and everything and me thinking...gosh this man is so darn attractive.

Thirteen was making out and more.
Me thinking he was laughing at me...apparently he wasn't laughing at me.

Thirteen was me making some silly statement.
That made me sound much more ummm experienced then I am...(insert blushing here).

Thirteen was me falling asleep in his car while he drove me home.
Him kissing me sweetly goodnight and saying something along the lines of even though it is a short week, Friday seems a little far away.

Thirteen was him texting... Just walking in the door.  Good night beautiful! xoxo
And this morning with ...Good morning sweetie!


  1. Sounds like 13 was a pretty lucky number for you! I'm so happy for you to have found Mr.Kent. I knew you were getting close with the dentist.