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Monday, May 28, 2012

Making Friends

So tearing myself from MrKent Saturday morning was a necessity.
I need to keep the push on for making more friends.
And Laurel had invited me with 3 of her girlfriends to the beach.

Yes Toronto has a beach.
I was still shocked about this when MrKent and I went on date Thirteen.
So with a quick trip to the grocery to pick up a veggie tray and some cookies.
(I know I know ultimate lazy expense but I was pressed for time for staying in bed much too long!)

It's in the area known as The Beaches.
And it is on Lake Ontario on the more Eastern side of Toronto.

File:Beaches map.png
Pic from here

So I headed down to the beach.
Just a tiny one.
That gets very crowded.
Pic from here

And there is a boardwalk.
Filled with people walking their dogs.

Pic from here.

And there is beach volleyball if that's your thing.
And if it's at least usually supplies a little bit of eye candy.
MrKent plays beach volleyball so you understand my peaked interest ;)
File:Beach volleyball at Ashbridges Bay (1).jpg
Pic from here

We lay out in front of these beach houses.
Seriously they are the cutest ever and have a San Fran vibe don't they?

Pic from here  This link also gives you interior pics of the house...GORGEOUS!

So we had simply a lovely afternoon of cucumber sandwiches.
Brie and Prosciutto and my contribution.
And girl talk which was super duper fun.
I'm really excited to get to know another group of fun ladies.

They invited me to their British ExPat Pub Quiz that night.
Of course I jumped at the chance!
So we all headed home to freshen up before I headed back downtown to Scallywags.
Pic from here.

And though I'm not typically a pub fan.
The company and the fun made it great.
Especially because we WON the whole entire pub quiz!!!!

I would like to think I contributed at least a little bit when it came to the science questions.
Though I was hopeless at History and Literature and British TV theme songs.
Check out the loot we won!
I didn't know what half the things were but my Brit friends were rather excited...

 It took us all of two seconds to break into it all!

So excited to hopefully get to know this new group better :)
And hope to go on more of their nights out for sure!
And with the night coming to a close...
I felt a little more bold 

And decided to give MrKent a call...

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