Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So after some fun filled new friend time (read here).
I thought I would really like to see MrKent again.
Probably a little ambitious of me seeing as I had seen him the night before.
But I figured what the heck.

So I suggested he come over for a sleepover so that we could do breakfast in the morning.
I know I'm SOOOO sneaky.

Plus I knew I had to be at the Sony Performing Arts Centre for an event at 1pm.
And that happens to be across the street from his place.

All in all it worked out great.
We had a super low key night of watching a movie and snuggling.
Gosh I certainly could get used to this.

One of my favourite things was in the morning.
He helped me do up the zipper of my dress.
I know I'm a total cheese ball.
BUT I think that is one of the most romantic things ever.

We headed downtown to O&B Cafe Grill for breakfast.
Having some delishious coffee.
I LOVE the atmosphere of this place.
Pic from here
And if it looks familiar its because Taylor and I went there for dinner on her 2011 trip to Toronto.

And before I knew it time had flown by yet again.
I headed to my event and he headed home to catch up on some work.

My view at the event...
One of my co-workers daughter was in a dance competition there.
It was a pretty cool and professional venue.
And it made me miss cheerleading competitions and the feel of that type of event.
I'm seriously missing that stuff for sure and I felt that tug again to coach.

I really enjoyed myself watching all the fabulous dance performers.
As I headed home I sent him a text asking him how his afternoon was going.
He replied with...

"less fun than yours.  
Though, I realized when I got home, 
despite having to do work on the weekend, 
we had such a good time 
that I won't remember doing work at all!  
So that's excellent! xoxo"

And that my friends is how you finish off an amazing weekend.

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