Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Friday for date fourteen.
I had a new dress to wear.
I really love getting all dolled up for MrKent.

He picked me up and we headed downtown to meet his two friends.
The ones we had dinner with for date twelve.
They are a super fun couple.

We originally headed to Bloke&4th because it was one of their friends birthdays.
Remember Bloke&4th?
It was where Taylor and I headed out for bottle service when she was here in January.
I was hoping we wouldn't run into anyone from my colleague crowd who tends to hang out there.
But we luckily ended up leaving there and heading to Lee.

MrKent took charge of ordering the Asian Tapas style food for us all to share.
He is absolutely phenomenal when it comes to ordering food.
He is definitely a foodie and he gets so excited about ordered and trying to come up with the best order possible whenever we go out.
I find it so endearing and it makes me excited too!
We sat on the patio in this perfect spring time weather.

We started off with some cocktails.
I had the lychee bellini.
It was delish and refreshing.

We had two bottles of white.
From a label I was unfamiliar with.
Red Tractor.

It was the perfect blend of Riesling and Gewurztraminer for a warm spring patio night. 

Pic from here

Then the amazing food began.
We had ...

The Singapore Style Slaw (this is the signature dish here).
One of my signature dishes, Singapore Slaw features 19 different ingredients including edible pansies, daikon, tropical ginger, pickled onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, daikon sprouts, cilantro sprouts, toasted sesame seeds, red onion, rice vermicelli, crushed roasted peanuts, fennel and hazelnuts. It’s crowned with a birds nest of taro and tossed with salted plum dressing. It’s a great hit. Everybody loves it. I’ve been doing that in my restaurant in Toronto the past four years – Susur Lee
Pic from here

The Spicy Crisp Tofu 
Golden sand, fresh basil, mushroom & pepper compote, wildflower honey soya chili glaze
I'm not a big tofu fan but this was incredible!
Pic from here
Spice crusted diver scallop26
Spiced Chinese sweet bean pesto, crispy bacon, squash puree, fresh grapefruit
Pic from here

Baked Asian pork & leek Dumpling16
Mushroom, reggiano, stew tomato, basil pesto (6 pcs)
The only one I couldn't find a pic for AND I think this was MrKent's favourite.
Top Chef green curry chicken28
Sweet pea polenta, butter almondine, spiced tomato jam, dried pineapple, chili mint
(Top Chef award winning dish-this dish earned the most points awarded ever in Top Chef history!)
Pic from here

The food was great and we even got to see Susur Lee himself in the restaurant.
I wish I had stopped him to ask for a photo.
But it all happened so fast...and I'm a bit chicken too.
We were all a little starstruck!
All in all we thought it was a great experience.

The only thing that had us kind of laughing was that the scallops dish was $26 and since it only came with 3 scallops the waitress asked if wanted to add an additional one.
We said sure (of course so everyone could have one).
And the ONE extra scallop was $13.
If we had known that we likely would have just ordered a second dish of it and had 6 scallops.
Oh well you live and learn I guess.
And really that was our only complaint of the evening.

Then the weirdest thing happened.
Since we were seated on the patio we were right by the sidewalk.
It was prime viewing location for people watching.

And who stumbled by all tipsy.

My work colleague and his mistress and his business partner I met with awhile ago.
(I wrote about it here).
Along with a gaggle of other young pretty girls in their 20s.
And I'm pretty sure they saw me.
As in I totally made direct eye contact with my work colleague.

Only I pretended not to see them.
I casually mentioned it to MrKent...after he noticed I got a little tense and uncomfortable.
Who made a hilarious joke about it...and made me feel instantly comfortable.
I like MrKent for that...he can instantly calm me.

It also made me think.
THAT could have been my Friday night.
Pretending to enjoy a trendy packed club.
While the mistress and the other young girls snorted things in the bathroom.
Artfully trying to dodge inappropriate touches from the work colleague and his buddies.

Instead... THIS was my Friday night.
And I'm so incredibly happy about that.


  1. Yay! I am so happy for you.

  2. Me too...though I am still a little on pins and needles as I'm too nervous to have a talk as I need to have a definition talk?!?! Ugh!!! I'm totally afraid of ruining it. But I know you totally understand.