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Friday, May 4, 2012


So Tuesday I had my date night with MrClarkKent.
He's just so amazing.
I'm totally falling for him.

So Tuesday he picked me up from work.
And we jumped on a street car.
How very downtown of us.
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And I leaned into him and rested my head on his chest (I can't quite reach his shoulder haha).
He rested his hand on my knee and I was just happy.
Chit chatting with him as we headed to the West Queen Street area.

As we went to exit the streetcar...
You see you have to step on the stairs to activate the exit.
I stood at the top of the stairs waiting for the door to open.
As a line up began behind us.
MrClarkKent said, ummm Teagan you have to step down.
I TOTALLY didn't realize this activated the doors.
I was so embarrased.
MrClarkKent teased me a little for my rookie move.

We walked down Queen street.
And headed to HawkerBar.
I was so excited!
It only opened 3 weeks ago.
Pic from here

Pic from here

ANDDDDDDDDD it's a Singporean restaurant based off Singapore street food.
So clearly I was psyched.
And how great was it that he actually listens to me and what I'm interested in...seriously.
Here's the Wikipedia definition of Hawker: 

hawker centre or cooked food centre (Chinese or ) is the name given to open-air complexes in Hong KongMalaysiaSingapore and Riau Islands housing many stalls that sell a variety of inexpensive food. They are typically found near public housing estates or transport hubs (such as bus interchanges or train stations).

We put our names down on the list (we couldn't believe it was that busy on a Tuesday!)
Well and that and it is kind of tiny like a lot of restaurants in Toronto.
I love the intimate feel it gives the restaurants here.

We didn't mind waiting because it gave us time to head to have a drink somewhere else.

So we headed to Reposado Bar.
Pic from here.  Don't mind the slightly creepy was super cute inside.  Even if it did remind me of the movie from Dusk Till Dawn....minus the strippers and vampires.

It's a Tequila bar...(I know trouble right?!)
Even though I'm not a huge Tequila fan I did have an amazing cocktail that had blood orange in it (my total fav drink flavour!)

Pic from here

Pic from here

So after a cocktail and some wonderful conversation.
We headed back to HawkerBar for dinner...can I just mention I LOVE holding hands strolling's just makes me so so happy with him.
We sat in the table at the far back.
Which was actually perfect because it meant we sat side by side.
And I got to have him put his hand on my knee a lot more :)

Introducing: Hawker Bar
Pic from here

The first thing I noticed was when they brought over the menus.
And they looked like this!
AND I actually have pics because I had to send some to Taylor who would appreciate this dinner for sure.

How fun is the menu?!
I think it actually really suits the cute style and playfulness of this place.
Here's what we got.
The son in law eggs (these were compliments of the chef!).  I forgot to take a pic of the Satay we ordered  but it was great as well.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

The delish trifecta of sauces; dark soy + chili + ginger = awesome!

It was great just hanging out.
And talking to him.
And telling him stories about Singapore.

After we were trying to decide where to go.
And I thought of one of my most fun nights ever in Toronto with Taylor (Read here if you missed it!)
So we headed to Cocktail Bar for an after dinner drink.
Pic from here

It is definitely one of my favourite places to grab a drink.
First of all because it seems just "cool" New York City cool.
And it's gorgeous inside with tin ceilings.
And sitting across from a handsome man who I can't help but smile when I'm with him was just lovely.

My favourite moment as we chatted away was when he grabbed my hand from across the table.
And at one point lifted it to kiss the back of my hand and just wow.
I had an early day the next day so we ended it fairly early for us and I was home in bed by midnight!

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  1. I LOVE that menu. How fun. And, seriously, these dates. I am loooooooooving hearing all about them. :) :) :)