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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Being Bendy

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Now I hope y'all weren't thinking dirty with the title of this post.
This is about plans and switching plans.
Not the late night antics of MrKent and myself.

One of the things I KNOW I need to learn about myself is to be more "bendy".
I suck at "bendy-ness".

My definition of "bendy"

-> being flexible with plans.

I am the total opposite of Bendy.
If I had it my way, my planner would be chiseled into stone.
I like plans and want everything to go exactly as planned.

Want to make me a super excited happy camper.
Send me an hour by hour itinerary. 
Yes I'm that much of a big dork.
I'm going to say this stems back to my high school competitive cheerleading days where the competition itinerary was given out and the hour by hour planning put my heart at ease.
Which is possibly why I also love school schedules etc so very very much.
If you didn't think I was a dork before now you know its irrefutable.  

BUT here's the thing I think I need to become more bendy.
Real life doesn't go by schedules set.
And I'm trying to be less rigid.
Because sometimes when you force plans through things actually break.

So most recently I'm trying to be more bendy.
I know when I talked about upcoming trips here I was so excited.
So obviously I was less excited when things seem to not be working out.

The July girl's trip to Chicago isn't going to happen.
When it came down to it we would basically be there for 2 nights getting in super duper late Friday to run around all Saturday just to leave early on a Sunday.
We probably wouldn't have enjoyed our trip at all.
So on the "bendy" side now cancelling Chicago will allow me take more time 
(and have more money) for my Labor Day trip to Dallas in the fall.

This weekend coming up is a long weekend in Canada.
We call it May Two Four 
(it generally falls around the 24th and usually involves a case (24) of beer).
I was supposed to be headed up to Ottawa.
Now Brooke and her daughter, and Jane are going to head to Toronto for one maybe two nights.
All in all this actually works better for me to allow me to get some work stuff done that I would have pushed to a later time.
Also it means I wouldn't be doing the 4 and a half hours long road trip alone up to Ottawa and then 4 and a half hours back...actually it would likely be a lot worse because it is a long weekend and the highway gets CRAZY because we essentially have one major highway here.
And not going to lie I'm excited because I may even get some time in with MrKent 
(they do have fireworks on Monday night and I'm a SUCKER for fireworks!)

So you see things can be great for bendy people.
I'm just trying to be one of them.


  1. I am the EXACT same way. I'm in a constant battle with myself to be flexible when times require it.

    1. Me too! It's like I know I shouldn't be so rigid but sometimes I just want to pout when things don't go exactly as planned. I'm trying to get better at this.

  2. Being bendy will help you enjoy life more. :)

    Try to look at it this way: There is a reason for EVERYTHING. So plans change, there is a reason, and in the end, probably a MUCH better one anyway! :)

  3. Think of your life as like your wardrobe? How crappy would it be if every outfit was planned out ahead of time and there was no flexibility to change it? Imagine this: When coming to Dallas, make your "schedule" of what outfits to wear to each event before hand, and when you get here....NO CHANGING no matter what your mood is. That would just suck, wouldn't it?

    1. I'm trying :) Sometimes it's tough to be are a great inspiration to that though!