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Sunday, May 20, 2012


So Friday I had a really crazy day at work.
I really seem to be saying that a lot.

Nevermind...moving on to fun Date Twelve with MrKent.

He came to pick me up.
I wore my new JCrew dress from this post.
I also packed an overnight bag (just in case you wanted confirmation of that type of thing).

We headed to the Distillery District.
I've been a few times (once with Taylor's first trip here).
I love the old cobblestone streets.
Walking along there with the gas lamps.
It is just so romantic.
Especially on the arm of the sexy MrKent.
Pic from their website.

We decided on the Mill Street Brewery because Archeo was closed for a private event.
I was a BUNDLE of nerves because we were meeting two of his really close friends.
I was sort of worried.
Mainly because I really really like MrKent.
Anyway Mill Street Brewery was lively and full of energy and the perfect place to meet some of his friends for the first time.
Even if I was all shaky and nervous.

Pics from their website.

The ARE a brewery!

So they came and they were seriously the nicest couple ever.
We had a great time.
Plenty of laughs.
Time just flew by.

Afterwards they had an early morning so they called it a night.
That left MrKent and I to walk around downtown looking for a place for a nightcap.
I tried to pretend like I wasn't dying to know what his friends thought of me.
I get so worried about things like that.

As we were walking around we spotted a new Jack Astor's downtown.
Which is so not usually our type of place.
Partly because it's a chain (and why on earth would you go to a chain restaurant when you have all these unique fab places in Toronto to explore).
But it used to be a Tim Horton's and Wendy's and MrKent seemed so SO excited to check it out.

Pic from here

So we popped in.
And I will say we were pleasantly surprised.
No traditional Jack Astor's decor here (ie. no large cartoon chalk boards).

Even the servers were wearing more Toronto hostess type attire 
(ie. silly t-shirts kept to a minimum).
I couldn't find a single picture online of what it looked like.

So we had a nightcap before heading back to his place.
The next morning we lounged around until noon.
Before heading to Le Petit Dejeuner (that is French for "breakfast"). 

pic from here

Pic from here

A teeny tiny place near MrKent's condo.
Sort of looked like a hole in the wall.
Sparkly green single booths anyone???
Seriously I loved how fun they looked!

Pic from here

The food was delicious!
Some yummy coffee.
I had the 
Eggy Fried Bread: caramelized french toast with fresh fruit, maple syrup and chantilly cream 9.75

Pic from here

Mr. Kent had the 
Waffle Benny: like Eggs Benny without the English muffin, one egg only 11.50

I would definitely go back again.
Then we headed to St. Lawrence Market so I could pick up some cheeses and fresh strawberries for the girls visiting this weekend.
I love wandering the market with MrKent.
Seriously could not wipe the smile off my face!

We started to head back to my place.
Only I totally misjudged the time.
I thought I had another hour.
As we were driving up the highway...I got a message of "we're here" from Jane, Brooke and Brooke's daughter.
And I started to panic.

Because how could I have him drop me off and NOT meet the girls.
But I'm seriously the most AWKWARD person ever.
I think he could tell I was in full on panic mode in the car.

He's really amazing.
But at that moment I was panicking.
Panicking because of the last person my girls really met was Spencer.
And I just didn't think they would meet MrKent at this early point.
And I just became a bundle of nerves!
I was practically a wreck.

I think I mumbled something about "well I guess it's fitting that I met your friends last night you can meet some of mine today".
So we parked and I brought him into the lobby of my condo.

And then I remembered it all happened so fast!
I was in a daze.  

Jane gave me a big hug first, then Brooke's daughter than Brooke.
And I introduced them (awkwardly to MrKent).
And they said hi.
MrKent even shook Brooke's daughter's hand.
Someone made a joke about parking passes.
(I was just completely flustered and could barely put together a sentence!)
Then I *think* I made the suggestion to head upstairs.
BUT THEN I turned to MrKent and said, "so ummm are you going then???"
I am the most awkward person EVER!
SO he was like "yup sure".
And I went up on my tiptoes to kiss him goodbye.
Before furiously blushing and schlepping off to the girls.
Who were like "uhhhh where's he going???"
To which I just opened my mouth a few times (with nothing coming out)....which sent Jane and Brooke into a fit of giggles.
I was just so flustered.
And I stayed COMPLETELY flustered for the next 30 minutes to an hour.
Well I certainly totally screwed that up!

I then sent him a text saying "thank you for coming in to meet my friends I'm sorry if I made that totally awkward".
To which he replied "haha.   No problem.  Not at all!"
How sweet is he?!
Because that totally means yes you were completely awkward!

The girls found it absolutely hilarious what a flustered mess I remained.
I think it's because I really actually like MrKent.
And that is how I ended date Twelve in the most awkward way possible!

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