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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Friday Night Shenanigans

So Friday right after work I bolted home.
Then headed for Val's new place downtown.
She made the leap and moved from a two bed apartment in Bloor West to a new AMAZING downtown one bedroom.

She had only been there less than two weeks but seems pretty settled into it.
We opened a bottle of wine and decided to make dinner before heading out downtown.
We made a pasta with shrimp/lemon/wine/oregano.
I should have taken pics but I'm not quite there with these things yet.
Mostly because it's not like I'm going to say "it's for my blog".

So we have a great dinner and then get dolled up to head out on a Friday night.
First we headed to Brassaii 
(the same place I went for Brunch with Will and the boys in this post).
Which is interesting that it goes from a club into a chic brunch place in just a few hours.
Pic from here

It was a very cool place.
But a tad too clubey.
Even though we were dolled up we were more in jeans and cute tops versus other women in teeny tiny minis with sky high heels.
It was a little more "meatmarket" than we prefer so then we moved on.

We literally just walked down King West until we found a place that looked interesting called Spice Route.
Pic from here

A much better atmosphere.
So we settled in had a couple of Gin & Tonics (my new fav drink), before calling it a night at around 1am.
So great to take an $8 cab home versus $60+ from my place.
Val definitely has an amazing cool new place and I am super duper ridiculously jealous 
(ie. I'm dying to live closer to the action).
Pic from here

It was also a great night because I shared a few texts with MrClarkKent though I tried not to be "that girl" that stays huddled with her phone because of a boy.
I debated playing coy like I MAYBE was on another date etc.
He asked me what I was up to that night...I first replied with "Shenanigans" being all coy...before relenting and telling him about our girls night...
So with him I don't think I'll play games (though I am sticking semi to TheRules).

Another weird thing happened last night that I sort of brushed off but lingered with me.
As things tend to do.
And it made me think back to something I HAVEN'T mentioned since my trip to Ottawa (that I wrote about here).

So first the story from Ottawa that I never mentioned...(read here).

So Friday night as we were cooking dinner.
It went down like this...

Val: wow you can REALLY smell this cheese in the fridge
Me: Fun!  Cheese is great.  Did you go to somewhere new to get it?
Val: No just the grocery store because Jane and her husband are coming by tomorrow...(she pauses)...
Me: (thinking INSIDE my head- ummm weird Jane is in town from Kingston (3 hours away)...and didn't text or anything...)
Val: Yea so did she message you?
Me: Nope
Val: Yea her brother had their baby and she is going to be in town so I offered for her to stay over tonight but they are staying with her husbands they are going to come by tomorrow afternoon because they haven't seen my new place.
Me: (thinking INSIDE my head because I have zero balls- Jane STILL hasn't come to see my new place.  She drives by it as in you can SEE it when you drive by, each time she comes to Toronto from Kingston.  They drive 30 minutes OFF the main highway to get to Eva's house.  Val lives more than half an hour off the main highway too!  But still no bother to even come here.  Nevermind THAT no mention that you are even here in this city at all...F*CK!)...what I actually said was..."cool"

And we moved on to another topic.
Maybe Jane and Eva are just over with their friendship with me.
Maybe if I actually had the guts to say something I would figure it out.
But I don't.
Because the pain of that actually being true or me being faulted for whatever it is...
doesn't seem worth it yet.
How strange because Jane had messaged me a week or so ago 
(to which I IMMEDIATELY replied by the way) 
where she invited herself along to Ottawa for the long weekend in May if I go.
To which I said of course to.
Because I cannot bare to exclude someone...apparently even if they do the same exact thing to me.

Would it be that hard to include me over to see Jane and her husband at Val's Saturday afternoon?
Would it be hard for Jane and her husband to stop by for 5 minutes to check out my new place on their way out of Toronto?
I already know the answers to that.

And with that I just turned this semi fun post.

Into a b*tch fest.


  1. Sometimes, you just have to bitch and get it out of your system. That's what blogs are for, anyway! ;)

  2. Actions speak louder than words. And their actions are showing you (again and again) what shitty friends they are. You are too good for them.

  3. Ugh. I can't believe their nerve :( . I agree with Mrs. A. They truly are shitty friends.

  4. @A- Thanks girlie! Sometimes I feel a little guilty when a fun post takes a wonky turn off.

    @Tay-Love you! Agreed.

    @PinkSunDrops- I can't believe it either I'm totally hurt. But I'm choosing to focus on my good friends instead. Speaking of I believe I'm headed to Dallas for Labour Day weekend. And perhaps I could extend my trip a day or two and drive to Austin and spend a night. I just thought about it now. Do you think it could possibly work???