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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Just a quick post on how Mother's Day went down this year.
I tore myself away from MrKent after an amazing date.
And drove to my hometown.

The hometown I tend to avoid at all costs.

The hometown that I haven't been in since Christmas (yes really).
I just feel uncomfortable I've mentioned only like a zillion times on this blog.

Anywho I sucked it up after all it was Mother's Day.
It's funny how some things never change and remain the same.
Which is weird because I feel like I've been through a WHOLE lot of change personally.

I still picked up a Mother's Day gift for my mum.
My brother signed the card.
And asked if he could go in on it on Mother's Day...rightttttttttttttttttttttt.

My brother was all excited to show off his new 12K Rolex.
Which makes me a petulant child because all I want to do is be able to move downtown.
(I can't afford it)...and I'm jealous that everything seems to come so easy for him.

Family lunch where everyone drinks their face off (except me).
And everyone discusses all the out of North America travel places they will got the remainder of 2012 (except me...I do have to say at least I have Dallas over Labor Day to look forward to!)
It just sometimes feels very out of body type experience around the fam.

I packed up my car and came back "home" currently the TDot.
I may have been thinking of places I would like to travel to or move.
And it just led me to daydream.
Some exciting things I did come back with...more things from my grandfather that I will highlight in another post.

This post sort of feels like Mother's Day...awkward.
But just for fun.
I thought I would leave you with this pic that I found at my parents place.
One of the pics that my grandpa had left with his other things.

I've never seen this photo before this weekend.
I guess there is a little bit of my mom in me.
As evidence in this photo.
Plus I seriously rocked leggings and a mini even back then.

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