Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Yesterday was date number nine with MrKent.
And he was looking AMAZING.
Can I just stop for a moment and comment about style.
This boy has amazing preppy in collared shirt under knit sweater amazingness.
Throw on a cool gray jacket/rain jacket and I was definitely excited to be on his arm.

So the challenge was with the middle of the week and him coming up here (to the northeast part of Toronto) to pick a place to eat by me.
You see every other date has been downtown (which you know I love).
So he messaged me during the day saying "I think I got it :)"

So he picked me up (also love by the way).
And we headed to Asian Legend.
Pic from here

And it was really actually really good.
And I was worried because my area can be a little sketchy.
Pic from here

Pic from their website.

The crazy thing I sat across from him I couldn't help but grin like an idiot.
He seriously cracks me up.
I was laughing so much during our date.
And I just have the best BEST time with him.
And I love that we order food and share.
And that when I'm completely indecisive (which I can be)...he helps pick things out.

We ordered way too much food!
Here's what we got.
Their website (like their menu has pictures of the food!)
Braised Bamboo Shoots
Braised Bamboo Shoots

Sauteed Beef with Chinese Broccoli
Sauteed Beef with Chinese Broccoli

Kung Pao Shrimp
Kung Pao Shrimp

Shanghai Style Fried Noodles
Shanghai Style Fried Noodles

Steamed Soup Filled Dumplings with Carb meat & Pork(6)
Steamed Soup Filled Dumplings with Crab Meat and Pork.

After we were obviously totally stuffed.
I invited him up for a drink.
Which obviously is ploy for making out!

Y'all I'm crazy about him :)
He's incredible.
I'm so super excited about this!

He is a little hard to read (we've totally had discussions about this).
Where as I'm the easiest person in the entire world to read.
Which means I sit a little bit on the edge of ...
does he like me?
does he think I'm pretty?
does he think this has potential?

All I know is date ten is lined up for tomorrow.
And I couldn't be more excited...


  1. This is, like, make-my-heart-explode-with-happy awesome. Can't wait to hear about date 10. And date 25. And date 33.