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Sunday, May 13, 2012


Friday brought about the end of a loooooooooong week.
I had sort of a frustrating day at work.
How nice was it to look forward to a fabulous Friday night date with MrKent.

He came to pick me up (awesome).
There was some minor awkwardness.
As we new we woud spend the night together but to actually say that and get organized is a little tough when things are new.
Or likely I'm just way over thinking things as usual.

We parked his car at his place.
And then walked about downtown finding a place to go and eat.
The criteria...something casual that both of us have never been to.
Pic from here
Coming along the street we came across Carisma.
Seriously so cute from the outside I thought I would love it.
As we entered in the hostess turns to MrKent and says "oh my goodness she is beautiful!"
To which MrKent responded "I know isn't she"
Hostess then says "she looks like a doll"...which randomly is like my all time favourite compliment.
I think it's because I associate a doll with being perfect...I know total random sidenote.
To which I turned to MrKent going "I LOVE this place already!"
Hostess was then joined by a server that said "wait just a second I'm going to set you up at a table in front of the window".
Our table in the front right corner.  Pic from their website.
So we had the perfect little table in the perfect little restaurant.
And as we perused the menu.
I couldn't help but smile with content being seated across from this handsome man.
Inside. I loved the chandelier and the romantic vibe of the place.  Pic from their website.

We decided on a bottle of wine to share.
I started with a cocktail.
It was delishious and had the name Carisma in the title but now I can't find it online to describe it.

Then our incredible waiter suggested we venture off menu.
And we went with almost all his suggestions.

First we started off with the bread.
Warm from the oven brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with was devine.

Then an appetizer of 4 things.
Though MrKent and I were splitting everything they served it up on two dishes that were perfect portions.
The appetizer was quad grouping of...

Calamari alla Griglia ~Grilled Calamari, Warm Morrocan Black Olives, Scallion Tomato Salsa
Insalata di Bufala~ Bufala Mozzarella, Wine Ripened Tomatoes, Fresh Basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Insalata di Funghi~ Warm Wild Mushroom Salad with Goat Cheese, Organic Greens, Balsamic Vinaigrette
Prociutto wrapped asiago cheese with organic baby greens

It was incredible and we were glad that the server offered it up.
Next we did the Primi of two types of pasta....perfectly portioned (I would say about 3-5 bites of each).
Tagliolini All’Anatra~ Tagliolini, Duck Confit, Wild Mushroom Black Truffle Jus
Pappardelle al Cinghiale ~ Pappardelle, Wild Boar Ragu
Just heavenly!

Finally for our Secondi
The waiter had suggested a surf and turf like steak and shrimp.
I'm really glad MrKent suggested a fish to keep it light because it was a lot of food.
We had the
Pesce del Giorno~ which I can't remember what it was.  It was a nice light white fish with veggies.

At this point I may have been pleasantly tipsy from the cocktail and wine.
Which had me giggling and just grinning from ear to ear.
My idea of a PERFECT Friday night.

We finished off with an espresso for MrKent and a cappachino for me.
We shared a dessert of chocolate molton cake with creme anglais.
I could only get in a bite becuase I was stuffed.

Then we walked to his place hand in hand.
Which obviously lead to making out on the couch and a fun sleep over.
This man is amazing.

We had a lazy Saturday morning.
A quick shower before heading out for brunch. 
MrKent suggested Hanks.
All Pics from their website.

It was a perfect brunch place.
MrKent got the Hanks' Benny, I got the usually bacon and eggs breakfast.
After lazing around and a second round of coffee we went for a walk.
I had to hand in my background check paperwork downtown for a hopefully upcoming event in August (more about that later).
So we spent the afternoon walking the city and really not doing a whole lot.

I do know I need to relax a little.
I'm really falling for him.
But I get worried if he is feeling the same way.
I'm a worrier like that.
Only I'm terrible at verbalizing it.
Like do we need to have that conversation.
Like ummm are we like boyfriend and girlfriend or how does that all work?
I mean I'm certainly not interested in dating other boys.
I just can get a little nervous about all that stuff.
I just know that I never want our dates to end.
Anywho moving on...

Before I knew it it was after 4pm.
So he had to drop me off so that I could head home to my hometown for Mother's Day.
Perfect date, perfect guy, just perfect.
I loved every single second of it.

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