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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

a picture is worth a thousand words

Pic from here

The story that I subconsciously didn't tell you about 
because I didn't want to recognize it for what it was.
Happened during this weekend in Ottawa (read here if you missed it).
At Brooke's place I noticed some pictures from Eva's wedding 
(read here if you want the post on that) up on the fridge.

One particularly cute one of myself, Brooke and Brooke's daughter.
And Brooke turned to me and asked, "which pictures did Eva send you girls?"
Val responded, "yea she picked the cutest pics to send us"

Jane chimed in, "what a great idea to send them with the thank you card"

And I blanched.
Because I had gotten a lovely thank you card that week but no pictures.

Maybe that seems like not really a big deal to you.

However, it has become a tradition with us seven girls.
It was with Quinn's wedding.
It was with Jane's wedding.
It was with Sophie's wedding.
2-3 pictures...often of us all together.
It appears the tradition has continued.
Only I'm the only one not included anymore.


  1. Ugh. That stings. I'm sorry, friend.

  2. @A- It sure does!!! Which is probably why I didn't mention it at the time :(