Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012


So this weekend I was stuck in continuing education again.
But with one night to look forward to last night.
A Saturday evening date with MrClarkKent.
Might shorten that to MrKent (my my he has gone through an evolution).

We had decided that a low key movie night was in order.
So after my long day learning.
I headed quickly home.

So so excited for MrKent's arrival.
I had been bummed during the day because I was stuck inside.
AND missing out with Cinco de Mayo.
In my hometown they don't really do much.
Do you remember when I wrote about it last year? (read here)
Finally I'm living in the city and have the potential to celebrate...but I was stuck in a classroom.

But then MrKent arrived.
Looking handsome as ever.
And a little Cinco de Mayo surprise for me.

Which just awesomeness!
He told me they were Cinco de Mayo colours.
I totally agree!

And chips and guac from St. Lawrence Market.

It was amazing!

And of course what's Cinco de Mayo without a Margarita?!
He had this kind before at a party and liked it so he hoped I would too.

The first store he went to was actually sold out so he headed to another store to ensure he picked it up.
I've never had it but was excited to try!
I thought it was pretty great especially for a premixed drink.

How sweet was he for thinking of all those things?!
This guy is seriously incredible.
The effort he made simply blew me away!

So after a quick snack we headed out to pick up pizza for our movie night.
We decided on Pizza Libretto which I love.
And how cute is the twine tied pizza boxes with the tag?!

We rented Haywire.
Opened a bottle of wine, ate a few slices and relaxed.
The movie was okay both of us sort of turned to each other after saying "huh?"
But I didn't mind one bit because I got to cuddle on the couch with him.

We were both pretty tired and headed to bed after it was done.
I find myself snuggling as tight as possible to this man.
Perhaps it's because he so cute!
And that is how one of my favourite date nights with MrKent went down.


  1. So. So. Great. He seems like such a good guy! I am totally thrilled for you.

  2. I think he is a good guy...but only time will tell :)