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Monday, December 13, 2010

Chapter X-12: Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades*

Monday December 13th , 2010

So he finally called this morning.
He talks to me like he would talk to a casual acquaintance.
Only the discussions we are having are NOT one you would have with a casual acquaintance (or over the phone for that matter).
This morning kind of went like this...

First he called at 9:30ish am (knowing I work 9-5) but I answered.
He said:  "I met with the ILawyer today and asked him to reverse the petition".
(Funny before that he said he was going to see if it could be switched to a different type of Visa but thats here nor there.)
It is possible to reverse and then the burden is on me to prove when I visit that country that I'm trying to visit and there may or may not be an imposed 5 year ban.
No sweat off his back...because this has 0 ill effects on him.
Not even financially because I paid for everything because of my own guilt.

I told him: "I am frustrated that you ignore me".
He told me: "I wasn't".
I said: "I haven't heard anything from you in a week, or talked to you on the phone in more than two and we need to get things sorted out.  I said it is to the point where I thought you weren't going to return my things."
He asked: "what do you think I would do with them".
I said:  "I don't know... torch them?"
He said "well if I did I would use fireworks and flame throwers and really do it well"
Not. funny.

So he said:  "Well I did look into it and was planning on shipping your things in 50lb "loads"".
However since my parents will be near him in less than two weeks I said "don't worry I will just have the organize to pick the things up so we can be done with it."
So we agreed on talking on Wednesday to organize this.
He let me know he also had to keep looking into the divorce...becuase yes we are actually married. DUH!
At this point I also asked about the $600+ bill he was supposed to pay (more about THAT later)...he said he did and would provide a receipt (but probably shouldn't hold my breath for it).
It is the most eerie thing to talk to him now.

Less than two months ago we were dancing away at Jane's wedding, planning our wedding, snuggling in bed together and whispering I love yous etc.
Now it is like we couldn't be more far apart.
I think when I talk to him I must just sound "flat" because I'm exhausted, sad, hurt and emotionally drained at this point.  At least I didn't cry.
He still has not given me an explanation except for "I don't love you anymore and I don't want to be married to you".  Everytime I think about it it is like falling through ice into a cold frigid lake.
I just don't understand how things got to this point...which is why I should document it from the beginning. 
I'm just trying to organize exactly HOW I'm supposed to do that.

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