Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Monday, April 30, 2012


Saturday night was date number six.
MrClarkKent came to pick me up (which I love).
Then we headed downtown.

We headed to an area called the Annex.
Close to wear MrClarkKent lived during his university days.
Very "Toronto" with tiny little restaurants.
So we walked up and down before deciding on Tati Bistro.
Pic from here

A super cute French restaurant.
We both like French food.
I just used "we" for the first time teehee.
Pic from here

I love spending time with this man.
The conversation flows.
He makes me laugh.
He's a gentleman.
Pic from here

We ordered a prosciutto/cheese/melon/fig plate to start.
He ordered the lamb shank.
I ordered the beef bourguignon.
We shared a lemon tart for dessert to share.

Then we headed back to his place.
For makeout on the couch.
I got a little nervous and said we should slow down.
So we had a bottle of wine.

Then the makeout turned into a sleepover.
Which was incredible.
He is amazing.
I'm totally falling for this guy.

Waking up in his arms was just incredible.
He's a great...cuddler ;)
We lounged around in bed until just after noon.

Then we got ready.

And headed back to my place so I could hop in the shower and change.
After all ahem I wasn't expecting to spend the night.

Then we headed to Pacific Mall for DimSum.
Pic from here

Which TOTALLY reminded me of the local shopping malls in Singapore.
Like an eerie deja vu/homesickness feeling.
As we strolled through the mall we held hands (love by the way).
Pic from here

Can I just mention he has such great preppy style.
I find him so attractive.
So we headed to Taste of Korea restaurant.
We ordered some yummy food.

Pic from here
We also bumped into one of his friends from high school.
He introduced me (by name ...we aren't at that official title stage yet).
Then we had lunch and talked and talked some more.
I feel like I want to talk to him about everything.

After we wandered around for a little bit before he dropped me back off at home.
So there you have it... I'm officially not playing the field.
Screw it.
I'd rather fall for MrClarkKent.